Christmas is a season to celebrate among family and friends; the spirit of this important event The festival reaches every corner of the country and platforms, squares, streets, venues and houses are dressed in colour.

Many local authorities allocate money to fund these works and city lighting so residents can enjoy the festival.

However, in the case of Girardot, one of the most important municipalities of the Cundinamarca region, The Christmas decoration in the main square left a lot to talk about on social networks.

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On social networks, users shared videos of the Christmas decoration, which can be seen on the metal structure tree. It seems that its height does not even reach two meters. Decorations simulating leaves and branches and a star at the top. Nothing else.

Located in the center of Girardot’s Main Square, the Christmas ‘tree’ is illuminated with lights at night. There is no other detail that gives it color beyond about four gifts on one side.

This decoration, which can fit perfectly into any home, does not have any other Christmas decorations or lighting around it.

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You can see how it happens in another video recorded by a citizen. a person stands next to the structure and compares its height. The tree is a few centimeters taller.

Recordings shared by networks containing Christmas music intended to satirize the decoration of the municipalityIt was shared by dozens of users. Likewise, he did not expect suggestive comments.

“My house is more beautiful”, “I’m poorer than Girardot’s Christmas decoration”, “how sad”, “it’s not a joke, what happened, I lived there last year and it was huge”, some of the hundreds of comments on the posts are reflected in the number of users on the networks.

However, although users criticize the decoration, there are also those who criticize it. They argue that no million-dollar budget was allocated for decorations.and also advocates for other tourist attractions that this municipality has to offer.

Santiago Andrés Venera Salazar
NATION Editorial

Source: Exame

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