residents and visitors Florida considering a quick lunch Affordable and economical what they have at Ocean One Bar & Grill one of the best options. But, This restaurant chain has closed in the southern part of the state. Including its headquarters in Miami-Dade.

Besides these Affordable lunches for $5.99, One of the features of this restaurant was that they had three-for-one drink specials, which were known throughout South Florida at locations such as Kendall, Davie, Dania Beach, Coral Springs, Delray Beach and Royal Palm Beach. Surprisingly, it closed its doors.

In fact, when you search for information about this chain on Google, you can see that, for example, the branch in Kendall has been permanently closed and the phone has been disconnected. Its location in Dania Beach, which opened in 2020, closed on December 22, according to information provided. Miami Herald By marketing manager Emily Wirley of Kimco Realty Corp., the shopping complex where the restaurant is located.

As seen on their website, The only remaining location of Ocean One Bar & Grill is its original restaurant in Las Vegas. which has been open for the last fifteen years.

The news attracted attention because the restaurant did not provide details on social networks or in the media. In fact, on December 19, when customers started asking them on Facebook about the reason for the closure, they shared that they preferred to keep that information private.

It is not yet clear whether the closures are temporary or permanent, as the owners have not made any statements so far. However, one construction worker said: Sun Sentry He said that the place is not closed permanently and will be reorganized.

It should not be forgotten that Ocean One Bar & Grill restaurant came to South Florida three years ago Introducing lunch meals for less than $6. This place stood out especially after the pandemic, when people took to the streets again to enjoy open-air meetings and meals, and it became a good alternative due to its affordable menu and discounts throughout the day.

Source: Exame

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