Inside football The aim is the maximum expression of joy, and undoubtedly in Germany, especially when the competition is so close.

And it was exactly in the match between Groningen and Jong FC, A goal made of pure fantasy, a goal that went viral around the world.
(Pan American Games: Mindeporte had prepared the money, but did not transfer it, what happened?) (Marbelle, who lost the Pan American Games, attacked Gustavo Petro)

L in the 71st minute of the matchearrings with duarte He had the opportunity to take a free kick from the sideline but his shot was sensational.

Neither the opposing team’s defenders nor the goalkeeper could stop the bomb, which was requested for the goalkeeper’s upper left corner but did not arrive.

Duarte gave Groningan a 2-1 victory in the match that filled the stadium facilities with fans who did not get tired of celebrating this sensational goal.
(Atlético Nacional welcomed the ‘bombshell’ signing)


Source: Exame

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