Razumovsky SSMU specialists have developed a domestic method for creating enteral mixtures (medical nutrition), which is largely necessary for “severe” patients who endure the complexity of surgery on the gastrointestinal tract.

The creation of ethereal mixtures is a rather science-intensive and very complex process – the resulting food must be carefully prepared for formation in the intestines, its viscosity must be compared with water, the composition of nutrients is the main human diet.

Useful, which, by the way, are currently almost completely purchased abroad, in fact, they are concentrates from a series of components certified by ultra-processing. At the same time, in conventional food production, these mixtures are not produced due to a very complex process technology.

Razumovsky SSMU scientists decided to develop their methodology using natural potential food products and food products that perform their own processing, and not by creating specific compositions with nutrient content. At the same time, according to a preliminary assessment, the components of the created mixtures have better digestibility and meet all the requirements of the medical plan.

It should also be noted that the specialists of the Razumovsky State Medical University have already begun to show the experience of enteral perduction hoarfrost, created by their promising methodical.

Source: Tech Cult

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