While discussions about the loss of the headquarters continue in the country Pan American Games 2027A new one was added to this with the loss of another tournament planned to be held in the Atlantic.

This Kitesurf World CupAt the fair, which is planned to be held for the third time In Salinas del Rey, Santa Verónica, Atlanticoand was removed from the international calendar.

The reason for this is due to non-payment. As learned from media reports, the Atlantic Government could not cancel the agreement. 2 billion pesos An agreement was reached to organize the event, which is planned to take place between February 29 and March 4 this year.

“We have removed Colombia from the calendar and will inform you if it returns with another date in late 2024,” he explained. The organizer of the sports event, Global Kitesurf Association (GKA), about its cancellation.

However, there is still a light that the competition can be held in our country on another date, but this depends on guaranteeing the payments.

Last year, the event, which was attended by nearly 6 thousand visitors and nearly 10 billion pesos of resources were mobilized, was an event that had a significant impact on the regional economy.

The Atlantic Government spoke about what happened and made a few clarifying points.

1. Everything had to be put aside and prepared from the month of October 2023 to guarantee that the 2024 World Kitesurfing stop in Salinas del Rey, Juan de Acosta would be held in its third version.

2. The Atlantic Government notes that previous and current administrations have never committed to organizing this sporting event.

3. The information published by various media outlets about the World Kitesurfing stop in Salinas del Rey is not part of an official statement issued by the Atlantic Government or the Indeportes Atlantic Institute of Sport.

Division 4 management has every desire and interest to continue to promote this sport across the Atlantic, so we will continue to work on the delivery of the Maritime Sports Center so that it has the space to host the third edition of this important sporting event. in our department.


Source: Exame

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