You can find the Instagram username of the person you are curious about because of their main photo, because they are someone you know, or for any other reason. However, he realizes that he is profile is private and you won’t be able to see your photos, videos or highlights.


First you need to tap on your profile photo at the bottom right, look for the option ‘Settings and privacy’Scroll down until you find ‘Account Privacy’, there you will see a scroll button that says ‘Private account’Just click on it to activate it.

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The following is also clarified here: “If your account is public, anyone inside or outside Instagram will be able to see your profile and posts, Even those who don’t have an Instagram account. If your account is private, only the followers you approve can see the content you share, such as your photos or videos, hashtags, followers and followed lists on location pages.

The app’s ‘Help Service’ explains that if you are under 16 and want to create a profile, you can choose whether you want your account to be private or public but select the ‘Private account’ option. will be selected by default.

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The privacy policies of Instagram accounts are strict and very strong to protect internet users, so you should know this: It is not possible to view the content of any user without sending and accepting a friend request.

You can find various web pages that guarantee that you can browse photos and videos belonging to a private account, but in the end, you will only be able to see ads or paid subscriptions and will not have access to them. The posts of the person who told you this create a lot of intrigue.

Instagram explains that the difference between public and reserved profiles is that the option is not enabled ‘Private account’Anyone can follow you, see the accounts you follow and who follows you, anyone can observe your posts, and add your photos and videos outside the social network.

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