The iPhone 14 has not been made public yet, but thanks to the leaked data, a lot of information has already emerged about the device. For example, it is known that the “Pro” models of the new line will carry the A16 Bionic chip, while the regular versions will continue with the A15, which includes the iPhone 13 generation.

While details of the new Apple chip are scarce at the moment, proprietary tech medium ‘MacWorld’ has made some predictions about its improvements over previous devices.

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According to the media quoted above, The A16 Bionic chip would be manufactured by the TSMC company in a 5-nanometer process. So it’s the same architecture as the A15 Bionic chip. However, the apple firm would have preferred the third generation 5nm process codenamed ‘N4P’.

While major improvements are not expected in this component, there will be changes in performance and energy efficiency compared to TSMC’s original 5 nanometers.

In particular, the expected The third generation of this architecture is 11% faster and 22% more efficient.

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Likewise, we should add the RAM memory increase to the improvements in terms of speed and energy efficiency that the new chip will bring.

The latest report from the expert computer newspaper ‘Digitimes’ revealed that the iPhone 14 Pro will have 6 GB of RAM, but with the LPDDR5 architecture, the architecture of the iPhone 13 Pro is LPDDR4X.

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This also means a significant improvement in performance and energy efficiency. ‘MacWorld’ calculates the speed it offers LPDDR5 RAM memory can increase the performance of iPhone 14 Pro CPU by up to 15% compared to its predecessors.

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