Today at 9 am, Santiago Areiza HenaoHe drowned at the age of 19 in the Guatapé dam in eastern Antioquia.

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Confirmed by information Volunteer Fire Brigade The municipality, which went to the Cazadiana sector where the incidents took place, after 9:20 am.

The young man, a native of Medellin, was camping in the area since last night with a group of friends.

As reported to EL TIEMPO Corporal Albeiro QuinteroThe incidents occurred when a young couple entered the dam on an inflatable mattress and stood 10 meters from the shore.

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At that moment, Areiza swam to where her friends were.but before he arrived he started choking and asked for help. One of the teenagers on the mattress ran to get it out, but that was not possible.

Guatape Fire Brigades went to the scene after the rescue call and A team of two divers dived in search of the young man.

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Quintero explained that this procedure takes 10 minutes and The young man’s body was found at a depth of 5 meters.

where it manifests National Police Y river policeTo whom was Areiza’s body handed over for relevant procedures?

Corporal explained that he was in this area of ​​the municipality. it is usual for people to camp because there is a lot of land to build and therefore they are doing prevention work every Sunday as it is forbidden to enter the dam from the Fire Brigade.

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“Have deep cold water, there are temperature changes and the water is too heavy. In the same sense, there are even notifications from EPM,” Quintero said.


Source: Exame

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