Our Lady of Miracles was a spanish galleon that sank at Bahamas in 1656. It was said that the precious and vast treasure of jewels and trinkets he carried was lost forever. Well, after more than three and a half centuries, it was recovered by archaeologists. The wreck at the bottom of the sea has brought back gem pendants, gold chains and much more.

The mission involved archaeologists and divers from the Bahamas and America. All with the organization of the Allen Exploration Association to collect as many precious finds from the treasure and then display them in a new museum in the Bahamas. THE jewellery they are beautiful and really precious, probably intended for aristocrats or kings of the time. There are also jewels associated with Santiago de Compostela, today a great pilgrimage destination. In fact, there is a gold pendant with the cross of St. James on a huge oval emerald surrounded by twelve other smaller emeralds. Perhaps they symbolize the twelve apostles, then there is another Indian bezoar stone in the shape of a shell.

The Maravillas, the original name of the galleon, is in honor of the statue of the Virgin Mary who performed countless miracles. The galleon was part of a fleet returning from Havana with American treasures. The cargo consisted of valuable items intended for nobles and royalty, as well as contraband for the black market. The galleon then collided with the reef in shallow water and was shipwrecked in the winter of 1656. It is believed that the shipwreck was due to a helmsman’s error. He had 650 people on board, only 45 were rescued.

Source: Lega Nerd

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