The journey home is the most requested by Cabify users in 2022, according to the company, where more than 15 percent of total trips in Colombia last year hosted the platform’s most popular destination, the final destination.

“Users rely on Cabify to get home safely, and we appreciate that trust by investing heavily in innovation and development to have more features that help us guarantee an uneventful trip,” said Manuel Torres, Country Manager for Cabify Colombia.

Like any user of the platform, you can configure within the application the name of the most recurring or preferred origin and destination: Home, Office, University, among others. From January to July this year, trips to ‘Casa’ increased by 101 percent, according to company data..

They also have an average rating of ‘Excellent’ according to the company in the user evaluation at the end of the trip. shows that
In addition to traveling safely, passengers feel comfortable throughout the journey.

On weekdays, 23 percent of trips home are between 5 pm and 7 pm. on weekends the trend is slightly different; 43 percent of returns home occur between 10 pm and 3 am. this takes into account the nightlife of cities.

Among Cabify’s functions to get home safely
machine learning and biometrics to predict insecurity situations. use these too
Innovations in identity verification processes for both passenger users
as driving users. Identifying patterns and risky behaviors.

They have more than 20 processes connected with ensuring the safety of their users, as well as functions for both the user and the driver; these include verification of driver user documents and background checks.Protection of user data such as surname and phone number, periodic inspection of vehicles, accident insurance and support center The app is accessible 24/7 via the web and social networks.

So, based on these findings, Cabify has recently launched its latest campaign, ‘Vuelve Seguro’, whose main character is the importance of the journey home and which is to encourage users to use the platform on their journey home and to use the platform by utilizing the following functions. security offered by the company.

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