Former congresswoman Aida Merlano Rebolledo, who was convicted by the Supreme Court of electoral corruption and escape from justice, admitted she brought cell phones and other prohibited items to prison before her death. discharge.

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At the beginning of the trial, where she testified in the case against her daughter Aida Victoria Merlano Manzanera and autologous Javier Guillermo Cely, she said she was testifying from Venezuela, where she was detained. protection of government Nicholas Maduro’s photo.

Merlano Rebolledo said that cell phones were hacked into the system. Good Shepherd Prison in Bogota, He was held here until October 1, 2019, when he escaped. Likewise, the former congressman pointed out that he was also into other elements such as clothes and shoes. When he was deprived of his freedom, he even admitted to zoom conferences where a person he identified as Salvador gave him details of his escape plan and then showed maps of where he would get on a motorcycle. and escape from the authorities.

“They showed me the left and right plans, I couldn’t understand very well because the plans showed me the addresses and the address of the dental center,” said Merlano Rebolledo.

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The former congressman said at the hearing that he had two cell phones in jail.

“It’s normal for them to give me a phone because they do raids (in prison) and take cellphones, and always in remissions my daughter or one of my aides put my cell phone (in prison) on me,” former congressman who claimed it wasn’t a secret, dragon huntersfor “mobile phones and other things”.

He stated that the rope he used while escaping from a dental office was allegedly thrown at him from outside his cell and that he must have been a member of the guard as only they could get there.

“They threw it at me through the patio window at dawn a week ago, banged me on my doorstep, and there was the tula I was taking to my dentist appointment,” Merlano said.

He also said that he knew about this plan a few weeks before his escape and that he had physically prepared to jump himself out of a window, but he did not know how long before his escape was planned by the network that organized him.

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“They didn’t call me[on the day of the escape]in fact, I’ve never been called by the guard in any remission. I got a different treatment,” the former congressman said when he returned from medical referrals. prison “came full of clothes.”

“I was never ordered to check on me, the warden said I was a person with diplomatic jurisdiction and should be treated differently from other prisoners,” he said.

It is worth remembering that the former congressman said that he left prison to seek medical treatments, many of which were aesthetic, such as smile design, and that these referrals were accompanied by his children and assistants.

At the hearing, where either her daughter or the dentist denied Cely’s knowledge of her, escape planMerlano admitted that his father was aware of his flight.

He said he didn’t tell his children about the escape because “they wouldn’t let him”, but told his father to tell the family.

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“I was desperate before I made the decision to escape (…) I talked to my father and told him and he asked me what the chance of the escape would be successful and I said there was an 80 percent chance and they had a 20 percent chance of catching me but they won’t, so there’s a 20 percent chance they’ll find me dead, I’d rather be killed if I don’t escape. Die than go back to jail,” he remembered telling Merlano to his father.

According to his own account, he said he accepted this because “he was dead alive. He said to me, ‘if you have to leave the blood on your ring, leave it with dignity’.

He added that he asked him to meet with his family after the escape and give them strength and tell him that his case will be resolved in six months. legal statusbecause that’s how those who planned his escape reassured him.

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