A new act of hired assassins mourns Cartagena. A merchant and his 10-year-old little daughter They were shot by hitmen in the neighborhood of La Providencia.

This is Jaime Antonio Llorente Arcia shot by gunmen while traveling in a white van in front of Biffi school with his three young daughters.

Llorente Arcia died at the scene, and one of the girls, 10-year-old Alejandra Llorente, died minutes later from her injuries. His two sisters, aged 11 and 9, escaped the bullets of those who were subjected to violence.

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Little Alejandra, the medical staff of the Madre Bernarda Clinic, where she was taken, said she died after her cardio-respiratory arrest.

This family experienced bitter moments at the medical center when they learned of the girl’s death.

The attack occurred in the neighborhood of La Providencia, near the Madre Bernarda Clinic. The man stopped his car at the point separating the Bomba del Gallo and Ternera neighborhood, but his killers were already following him.


Source: Exame

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