The magic and enchantment of Cartagena balconies is at stake. What pedestrians crossing the stone corralito are in danger, exposed to a balcony with more than two centuries of history falling into the humanities.

And it has already happened. The most recent victim is a young man who was injured when part of a deteriorated balcony fell on him on 18 November on Calle Segunda de Badillo. The young man recovered, but the Hero City remained the target of the authorities and thus the Attorney General of the Nation. Margarita Cabello walked the streets of Historic Center and came out in horror from the dire state of the patrimonial infrastructure of the country’s first tourist city.

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The official assured that he counted more than 57 balconies in danger of collapsing.and about 50 structures of old houses in poor condition.

“I was greatly surprised and appalled by the danger that any citizen would walk on these streets, find problems on platforms, on roofs, on balconies,” said Margarita Cabello, head of the Public Ministry.

He also found holes in the streets and platforms in poor condition, endangering the life and integrity of the marchers.

“We wanted, we tried, we insisted, we asked for help, we said that the District Governor should pay attention, the authorities should accept it. Do not throw the ball at each other by saying that the responsibility belongs to one and others. We want them to come to an agreement and fix the problem. “We have been warned, and disasters and injuries have occurred twice,” Cabello said.

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Óscar Uriza, director of the Heritage and Culture Institute, said: “So far, in 2022, more than 200 current minimum wage penalties have been imposed on property owners who do not comply with their maintenance in the Historic Center.”

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Historic Center manager Diana Martínez Berrocal added that a corporate visual inspection tour was conducted in front of the Colonial City’s real estate structures. “We urge all owners to take preventive actions so as not to put the lives and integrity of passersby at risk,” said Martínez Berrocal.

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John Montano
​EL TIEMPO correspondent

‘Jon Sonen lied, didn’t pay me anything’: Mother pulled out in handcuffs defends herself

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Source: Exame

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