‘Chatico’ is a virtual agent utilizing artificial intelligence, it will aim to relieve congestion at physical service points and quickly communicate different issues related to the city and of general interest.

In an interview with EL TIEMPO, Paloma Szerman, WhatsApp Public Policy Manager He explained a little more about the process of creating this agent and also its purpose in the region.

WhatsApp works with government agencies and public interest projects around the world. One of the ways it works is to use such initiatives with the support of WhatsApp Business so that organizations can have larger-scale communications.

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Many actors worked on this project, including. Mayor of Bogota and Ministry of Telecommunications to create a tool called ‘chaticoPaloma stated that it aims to facilitate access to district services and citizen participation campaigns through the instant messaging application.

East virtual agent Since it remains in the learning process, the employees of the region make permanent activations in different parts of the city, analyze the perceptions and get suggestions according to the needs of the users.

The service is available in two digital channels: via the website www.gobiernoabiertobogota.gov.co or over the line +57 316 023 1524 on WhatsApp (https://wa.me/573160231524).

“Initiative allowed Bogota men and women influence different campaigns on local issues and public investment.It outperformed the previous year’s results in physical and virtual modalities, such as Citizens’ Claims, which recorded 31,184 votes, and Participatory Budgets, which received 103,785 votes.”

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