The Twitter account of Pope Francis, published in nine languages ​​from Latin to Arabic, where the communication of the head of the Catholic Church is modernized, celebrates its 10th anniversary with 53.5 million subscribers.

It was inaugurated on December 12, 2012 by Francis’ predecessor, Benedict XVI. @pontifex account has 18.9 million subscribers in Spanish and English. It is followed by Italian (5.3 million), Portuguese (5.1 million), French (1.7 million) and Polish (1 million) accounts.

Francis said, “Thanks to everyone who followed me on this account, born ten years ago, for proclaiming the joy of the Bible here as well. Let’s continue to weave a web of space together to encourage encounter and dialogue and to value what unites us.” wrote a tweet this Monday.

Pope’s Latin tweets with one million subscribers continue to be successful They are as intriguing as they are unexpected, as they easily adapt to the new language by expressing concepts and ideas in as few words in 140 characters.

The Vatican posts daily, mostly religious tweets.
excerpts from the speeches, texts and public interventions of the spiritual leaders of the world’s 1.3 billion Catholics.

Some observers are wondering about the Pope’s presence on the platform after controversial American billionaire Elon Musk bought it to form his own policy.

“Ten years later, Twitter culture has changed a lot and it no longer evokes the enthusiasm it started with,” said Michael O’Loughlin, author of The Tweetable Pope in English.

Now that people are starting to question the use of this network, it will be interesting to see where the Vatican stands.“You have to be very careful about how you use information so that your message is heard.”

The official daily L’Osservatore Romano reported Monday that in 2022, the most pope’s tweets were those calling for an end to the war in Ukraine, as well as messages of solidarity and sympathy with peoples affected by conflicts and tragedies. Vatican.

The Argentine pastor also has nearly nine million followers on his Instagram account @franciscus.

Today Twitter relaunched its authentication system

Twitter will be auctioned from its headquarters in the United States

Source: Exame

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