Users of RuStore, the official Russian application store for Android, will be able to manually scan their own devices for viruses, as well as disable scanning on their own in the store profile. This is stated in the message from VK, which is developing RuStore.

RuStore users will be able to manually scan devices for viruses

Kaspersky Lab (LC) technologies were integrated into the store. In May 2022, VK ​​reported that LC would check applications for the absence of malicious code; this is free for users.

The user can manually run the diagnostics at any time or disable the verification in the profile in the RuStore application. If the device is infected, then when the latest version of the store is launched, information about the presence of malicious code and a possible threat will appear in the profile.

The user can decide for himself how to deal with a dangerous application: remove it or leave it. If no threats are found, you will be notified about it.

By default, the check will be performed once a day. This does not require redundant permissions and does not analyze users’ personal data. The functionality is available as of RuStore 1.3.10 (166).

The Russian app store RuStore completed its beta testing mode in February.


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Source: RB

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