Labor Minister Gloria Inés Ramírez, businessmen and trade unions will meet with President Gustavo Petro in Catam to finalize the definition of the European Union. Raise the minimum wage until 2023!

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The idea is that there can be an agreement between the parties because today is the deadline for an agreed-upon figure. Otherwise, the Government will have up to 30 days to determine the increase by decree.

President Jaime Alberto Cabal said, “We are continuing the table with the President, some points need to be finalized in order to reach an agreement. There is still a difference in the figure, it is short but there is. The agreement with the President is coming to an end.” fenalco

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this minimum transaction base An increase of 13.77 percent, which comes from the sum of the productivity data of 12.53 percent and 1.24 percent of the November inflation data.

The upper limit is the 20 percent figure suggested by the labor unions.

But the businessmen did not reveal their cards in the end. They invited to change the traditional methodology in which the rise of the minimum is determined and there is always a push and a pull. They said that a joint and consensus-based decision should already be sought between the parties.

Although it is not yet known how much the minimum wage will increase for the next year, other agreements were made between the parties at today’s meeting.

According to Fenalco’s president, Cabal, the trio chart has endorsed a series of complementary measures to raise the minimum to restore people’s purchasing power. These are as follows:

one. deindexation of the rise of the minimum a range of prices and services

2. Will look for a way to affect energy costs less

3. Formally request a commitment from the Ministry of Finance to reduce the usury rate by recalculating the formula applied today.

According to the Ministry of Finance, more than half of Colombian employees (formally or informally) they only earn minimum or less. Specifically, 58.8 percent of the total number of people employed, which represents 12.8 million workers.

Of these, 15.7 percent earn only the minimum wage (3.4 million people) and more than 43.1 percent (9.4 million) do not even earn the million pesos set by law.

Source: Exame

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