In an official letter dated 27 December, lawyer The General of the Nation made a harsh statement while pointing out that the two people would be released. peace spokesmen would have had several irregularities.

For this reason, the Ministry of Finance sent a letter. Jorge Luis TrujilloCoordinator of the Council of the Judiciary, which he complained about the faulty actions allegedly committed by the President of the Council of the Judiciary Bogotá Judicial Services Center The one who signed the freedom tickets for Santiago Márquez Charris and Adriana Esperanza Bermeo.

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In addition to this document, Attorney General Margarita Cabello shared the Public Department’s stance in a video. “In the release order given to the peace spokespersons last week, the person who signed it Paloquemao Judicial Services Center Coordinatorwho we consider in principle has no competition That’s why we’re doing the first research on whether he has this authority,” he said.

Likewise, Cabello, in his complaint to the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, stated at the Paloquemao Service Center that “our officials are not allowed to provide information and they are also not quoted to act before the relevant judge and to give the relevant opinion we must give”.

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Coming to the office, it was signed by. Jairo Ignacio Acosta5 mixed-function lawyer delegates (E) for the Ministry of Public Affairs for Criminal Affairs, who explained that there were two facts questioned in the statements.

First, on 22 and 23 December, the Courthouse employee faculties that do notby releasing the release of two teenagers and bypassing the usual distinctions regarding these issues.

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The complaint of the deputy attorney became known days later, exactly on 22 December. court 69 Control of Bogotá’s guarantees posted on its official Twitter account that although it was the office responsible for criminal prosecution at the time, it was not the office that granted freedom to Santiago Márquez. filed against him use or release of dangerous substances or objectscase pending trial.

On the other hand, “the aforementioned judicial officer did not call the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor for the aforementioned procedure, and what is worse, denied any information The stern letter sent to Magistrate Trujillo’s office reads that “it is in this context that prevents him from fulfilling his role in a timely manner.”

In this sense, the Attorney General’s Office pointed out that it is the most ideal time for the magistrate to organize the country’s judicial centers in a way that allows the Public Ministry to follow its own rules. constitutional and legal functions when interfering with criminal proceedings.

“And by the way, be part of both the balance of power and the harmonious inter-agency cooperation that it requires,” the letter reads.

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call for attention Daisy Cabello appears that the control body will send in the next few hours. complaints concerned, in the case of “any irregularity in the issuance of such release orders”.

This statement came pending the finalization of the release of five more people who will become peace spokespersons. intersectoral commission Created by the Government to recommend profiles.

The names of the detainees (some in prison and others under house arrest) waiting for the judges to define the request are Laura Ramírez, Juan Galeano, Arles Hernán Bolaños, Álvaro Andrés Duque and Bremmen Hinestroza.

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