TIME She learned the full autopsy report of DJ Valentina Trespalacios, who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend John Poulos on the morning of January 22. According to information provided by the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, the woman was beaten several times. parts of his body before causing his death by hanging.

The report made it clear that Valentina not only was hanged, but also sustained multiple bruises to her face, lips and tongue, as well as blows to the skull and neck of the neck. However, it has not been determined whether these pretenses occurred before death or whether they were the product of maneuvers. Poulos used it to put it in the blue suitcase that appeared in the Fontibón dumpster.

Another key element that gives clues that the woman was trying to defend herself while drowning is the detection of multiple blunt traumas scattered across the arms and sacral region, that is, below the waist. The woman was beaten and held by force.

From the analysis of the victim’s body, it is also speculated that he may have received strong blows to the chest as one of the breast prostheses on his left side would burst; Even one of his closest friends, who was able to see the body after the autopsy and attended the funeral, “As if that angry man wanted to start the same surgery he paid for.” However, another version, given by relatives in the middle of the funeral, confirms that the prostheses were delivered to the family intact; However, the report does not draw attention to the fact that he suffered a blow to the chest.

Now, according to the data collected from the same forensic medicine report, it is possible to determine that the woman was killed on Sunday, January 22, between 08:00 and 09:00 in the morning. just five hours ago The body was found at 2 pm in the garbage container in the neighborhood of Cámbulos in Fontibón.

But the chronological development of this investigation reveals other certainties about the case. And the man would have planned and carried out Valentina’s murder in almost record time, because even though it was predicted that he might have killed her at 9:00 in the morning, security cameras recorded him leaving the apartment on Calle. 101 # 21-17 at 10:00 the blue suitcase where the young DJ’s body should have been.


Source: Exame

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