For 84 euros I offer the best MagSafe charging station for iPhone and Apple Watch

It is a charger that you assemble yourself with original or compatible cables and it is very beautiful.

You can plug chargers for iPhone and Apple Watch into this charging stand and it takes up very little space.

Sure, you have an iPhone as your usual phone, and you’ve already gotten your hands on an Apple Watch in any version. The time take advantage of magnetic charging Wireless from your Apple devices. But of course you start looking and only find low price (about 149 euros) trinkets from Chinese companies or official Apple and Belkin.

Today I would like to recommend a base that I have at home that I use every night to charge with my iPhone 13 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 7. quickly and safely. It also takes up very little space on the nightstand. For 84 Euros you can make and forget this purchase broken lightning port from your mobile phone. Get some of the best MagSafe accessories on the market.

MagSafe charging station

Belkin 37W dual charger

Belkin MagSafe Dock for iPhone 15W

Buy this accessory set for 84 euros

Some are on sale, currently appreciated, but still no discount It’s a great buy option.. If you have an Apple Watch, you will have your own official charger out of the box, so I didn’t present it to you in this buying advice. Therefore, we will look at each of them in detail and explain to you why they are a set. Perfect for your iPhone with MagSafe and Watch (even AirPods 3 and Pro).

charging base magsafe iphone watch cables

Cables can be easily hidden under the base.

  • Dual MagSafe charging docks: This base comes disassembled in its box, but it is very easy to install all the items (few). makes premium anti-scratch silicone. The set is heavy and non-slip so as not to scare you at night. cables and chargers are connected to it and hide at base easily.

MagSafe charging station

  • Belkin 37W dual charger: To charge your iPhone with MagSafe, you need a charger with at least 20 W. You need 5W to do the same with the Apple Watch. This charger 25W via USB-C port and 13W via USB-A port. It’s an excellent charger, and Belkin, as an Apple ally, all ten working guarantees.

Belkin 37W dual charger

  • Belkin MagSafe Dock for iPhone 15W: this MagSafe charger just like the official Apple, but slightly cheaper. This allows magnetic charging with Apple technology. up to 15W power. You can buy the official one, they both fit perfectly with the base we recommend. This model comes with a clip to store the coiled cable more efficiently.

Belkin MagSafe Dock for iPhone 15W

Additionally, the Belkin MagSafe Charging Cradle can: use independently for traveling or charging other devices with wireless charging such as AirPods 3 and Pro, or other devices from other brands on a desk. Charging an iPhone 11 or earlier is easy with MagSafe, all you need is a custom case.

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