A few weeks after the release of ‘Session #53’ Shakira gives powerful hints Gerard Pique and the player’s new partner, Clara Chia.

Influencer Cintia Cossio used her social networks to show her dismay at the song that has already been viewed 264 million times on YouTube.

This isn’t the first time Cossio has critiqued the new ‘Bizzarrap session’, days after its launch, he said via his Twitter account:

“Mercedes delirium is over, Ferrari’s Twingo delirium is coming. They treat themselves as objects. and then it pisses them off when men treat them like that,” she wrote on the social network.

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While Shakira is very proud of the movement she has created with her new song, others like the influencer seem offended by the words.

It was featured in a series of stories shared by Cintia Cossio. imitating barranquillera and he admits that this song bothered him a lot because he didn’t stop playing.

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“When there was no ‘lero lole lole’, ‘you left my mother-in-law as a neighbor, the printing house at the door, with debt in the treasury’, i hate that songI’ve only heard it all once and I know it all,” says Cossio.

Seconds later, he said he had a great admiration for the ‘Ojos así’ singer, but said, “I hated that song and I know all of it and I’ll tell you something, I dreamed about that song this week, it’s terrible!” she said.

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In the face of these comments, some of Shakira’s followers decided to react: “Why can’t they rejoice in the success of a Colombian who brought his country to the top of the world? Jealousy is the worst weapon indeed”, “Calm down” Mommy, she doesn’t know about Shaki’s existence.

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Pamela Avendano

Source: Exame

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