Artificial intelligence (AI) is generating new ways to engage with technology, To be able to offer quick and simple solutions to some problems in people’s daily life. Such is the case with Chat GPT, which “wobbles” big platforms like Google, thanks to its innovative search server.

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The scope of this type of technology is so wide that there are surprising news about it every day. that somehow exceeds human capabilities. Some who are skeptical of these algorithms announce that it is the path to a possible conflict between humans and machines; but others see it as a tool that helps society evolve.

Although they are somewhat serious aspects and require a great deal of scientific and social analysis, World War I.A also set out to entertain and entertain the masses with certain graphics. and games that are quickly becoming popular on social networks.

In the last few hours, some images of a Colombian internet user have been shared. Kim asked an AI what Bogot√° would look like in 2060. The recordings are somewhat surprising and show the capital in a futuristic frame, but do not neglect the distinctive mountainous landscape of the capital’s centre.

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But, Among the things that caught our attention, the long-awaited subway is not in sight, Some internet users, who stated that even an artificial intelligence did not see the possibility of this public transport system coming to metropolises, caused some laughter.

Likewise, perhaps it can be seen, In the future, the capital has an architectural concept focused on environmental protection. for large-scale architectural structures that do not leave large green spaces.

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Source: Exame

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