If anyone understands the saying from El gran combo de Puerto Rico from their own experience: “How nice it is to live like this, eat and not work,” it’s him. Nick Davis. The man has a polygamous marriage with three women who support him.


As she said on the TLC show ‘Another spouse from the family’, Davis calls himself ‘award husband’ and he is content with this, as it guarantees that “the king does not move much, but the queens have all the power,” as in chess.

Subject met his first wife 15 years ago, and after nine years of marriage he introduced her to his friend Jennifer, with the intention of becoming his second wife.

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It was clear to me that he was a great person, he had a lot of intelligence in his big brain and I knew Nick would find him attractive.The April show admitted.

Last year, Danielle, who was accompanied by April and Jennifer at her wedding ceremony, took part in the affair.. “Honestly, I never thought I could be this happy,” the 22-year-old said during the event, according to The New York Post.

Although many people wonder how it is possible for three women to have a relationship with the same man, live in the same house and maintain this relationship, April realizes that “it’s always good to have a helping hand” to help meet Davis’ needs..

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In fact, the woman assures that her partner has “a lot to get done.” Let’s say … in many ways. Nick has a lot of work to do in bed,” so Jennifer and Daniella are very helpful.

In that sense, Davis revealed to the TLC program that he likes to be cuddled in the middle of his three wives, but this is In terms of privacy, there is a different area in the house for each..

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Having three wives is wonderful to know that we are all solidifying our unity and putting it together the way we have it. I feel like I’m living a dream come true”, reassured Davis, according to The New York Post’s publication.

Recently, a new member has arrived in the polygamous family as Jennifer and Davis are their first daughters., who was baptized Vera. Of course, it is worth noting that Davis already has a young son from a past relationship.

I never thought such happiness existed until I found a love like this.“, He claimed.

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