French Just FontaineIt has been reported that the football player, who broke the record with 13 goals in the same final stage of the World Cup, died at the age of 89.

Fontaine set the record at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, where France made it to the semi-finals for the first time in its history and lost to the later tournament winner Pelé’s Brazil.

With Fontaine’s death, only three French actors from the 1958 epic survived (Dominique Colonna, Robert Mouynet, Bernard Chiarelli).

Born in Marrakech, Fontaine was not destined to play in that World Cup, as he was overtaken in the team hierarchy by Thadée Cisowski, who was injured at the last minute.

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In addition to the record of 13 goals and that historic World Cup semi-final for France, Just Fontaine a big record in club football four French titles (one with Nice, three with Reims), two French Cups (Nice in 1954 and Reims in 1958) and a European Cup final – the current Champions League), in 1959 against the great Real Madrid 2-0 was defeated. Di Stéfano, Puskas and Kopa.

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Fontaine’s acting career was brutally interrupted at the end of 1962, when he was just 28 years old, after he broke his double leg.

Just Fontaine, who retired from the field, became the coach, but his career on the bench was much more discreet.

He had a far less glorious job as a player for the French national team as a coach: in 1967 he lasted only two games in charge of the national team, after which he was fired after two defeats in friendlies.

His experience as coach of Paris Saint-Germain (1973-1976) was more successful with his promotion to the major leagues in 1974. He closed his coaching career in his home country of Morocco and in 1980 placed third in that country’s team. African Cup.

The sign still looks unreal: Just Fontaine scored at least 13 goals in 6 matches at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden. The average is more than 2 self-conquests per game. unique The tournament’s top scorer received an interesting gift from a Swedish newspaper in return for such success: an assault rifle. Still stunned, the striker demonstrated this on his return to France.

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Those who have seen him play say that he is a very complete football player. Brutal within the region. He could score from any position, with both feet and his head. “I jump so hard to jump that I have snow in my hair when I come down,” he laughed to in an interview in 2010.

Scoring a goal in 1958 wasn’t any easier than it is now. The condition of the playing fields, the quality of the materials and the weight of the ball, the duration of the journeys between one game and the next, and amateurism in general have made things much more complicated than they are today. In fact, I even wore boots that weren’t mine.”
​ ​
In the same speech, he compared: “Many things have changed. The ball and cleats are much lighter. The last major World Cup striker, Brazilian Ronaldo, played against teams like China and Costa Rica. And above all, the referees protect the forwards much more than in my time. Let me say it again: scoring 13 goals in a World Cup is a great achievement. Break my record? I don’t think it can be done.”


Source: Exame

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