Opera also hints at fashion: the browser will include access to ChatGPT

Opera will also be powered by artificial intelligence!

Opera includes access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic

This is not a temporary trend. Integrate services with AI tools In the world of technology, it has become a norm that companies must comply with in order not to be left behind. After Microsoft changed everything by announcing the Bing browser with ChatGPT, Google followed suit and now it has. Opera.

this week Opera introduced a revamped interface with “AI Prompts” plus browser sidebar that makes it super fast to use Includes access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic.

AI tools are coming to Opera

As announced via a blog post, the browser includes AI-powered tools to transform the user experience.

We have some groundbreaking news for you: With today’s launch, Opera Browser and Opera GX come with a suite of AI-powered tools. A suite of new features, such as AI Prompts, ChatGPT, and more sidebar access to ChatSonic, are set to transform your browsing experience: you’ll not only experience the future of the web, but browse with superpowers.

What does Opera offer with ChatGPT?

Certainly, the company highlighted some functions that users will be able to access from now onThanks to ChatGPT and ChatSonic’s sidebar.

As you can see in the video we shared below, some of them are: Get help with a wide variety of questions and problems. You can create ideas, summaries, translations, itineraries. You can code, learn music, get math help, text. During You can create original images with ChatSonic.

Currently, this new version Opera is available as “early access” on Mac, Windows and Linux for the standard Opera browser and on Mac and Windows with Opera GX. To access AI notifications, users must toggle “AI Notifications” by going to Easy Settings > Early Access.

Inside Opera GXMoreover The “Early Access” option must be enabled in browser settings.

Finally, l to access the tools available in the sidebarUsers will need to create an account with ChatGPT and ChatSonic or sign in with their existing account.

Would you try the new Opera?

Source: i Padizate

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