period iPhone battery life and in general, any mobile phone has a limit, it depends on the habits the user has when charging it, as well as the time elapsed since it was bought.

User, loading capacity Since buying a new phone that is 100%, it becomes less and less until a time when the mobile phone will not last 24 hours on a charge.

According to the official Apple page, there are many variables that affect performance. iPhone’s capacity and performance.

First of all, the batteries lithium ionUnlike the older generation, they charge faster, have more power and last longer. However, their lifetime “chemical age” and the combination of actions each user has in relation to its maintenance, and charge cycles.

To check your iPhone’s battery usage information, you should follow these steps:

– Go to Settings – Battery

– There you will find information about battery usage with graphs that will show you the battery level of the last 10 days and the last 24 hours, the charging intervals, the periods when your mobile phone is in saving mode or when the battery is at the lowest level.

This option also activity chart when the screen is on or off and battery usage “applications”, Likewise, you can see this usage day by day by clicking on the time you want to consult.

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– enable mod Battery saver.

– Keep mobile updated with latest version iOS.

– Pay attention to the information about battery life.

– Optimize the settings by reducing the brightness of the screen, going to the control center and setting the regulator to the desired level, and also trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network, because doing this consumes less energy than connecting to your mobile data network.

If the battery is not at a normal performance level or when viewing status information, for example “reduced or unknown battery status”You will need to contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider in your country for repair or replacement From the same.


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