A terrible accident left young Laura Parra struggling to survive in a Huila hospital.. The university student, who moved without closing the door, fell off the bus.

(In context: The young man has a serious accident in Neiva, falling off the bus; he is brain dead).

The emergency occurred on the afternoon of March 24. According to a video taken from the security camera, A city bus was waiting for the traffic light to turn left. As soon as he did this, the young woman fell from the vehicle.

As he lay in the middle of a busy road in Neiva, several passers-by approached him to give him first aid. It seems that the driver did not notice the accident as he continued on his way.

“I am not writing to gain economic benefit, although it is a completely complex situation, I am looking for this news to be shared, not to remain anonymous, to clarify the facts and what will happen. My younger sister does not go unpunished,” said his brother Javier Parra, via social networks:

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He had been diagnosed with brain death in the last hours, so there was no hope that he would continue to live. It was confirmed his death on 29 March.

From the first information The case is in the hands of the prosecutor’s office. Neiva’s Minister of Mobility, Luisa Fernanda Robles, is investigating whether the bus driver “acted with caution”, according to local media. Huila Diary.


Video of the incident is a key piece as it is observed how people board the bus in an unauthorized area.

Witnesses said it appeared to investigators The ambulance driver, who came to the scene to intervene in the accident, may have recommended the bus driver to move so that the vehicle does not stand still.

The bus company has yet to mention the death of the young Psychology student.

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Source: Exame

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