music has always been The perfect accompaniment for anyone who enjoys listening to their singers and all your favorite bands.

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Actually, It is said that the average person spends 18 hours a week listening to music. on your way to the gym, while you’re cooking, in your car or simply with your friends.

Again, some people have yet to find a music platform that allows them to create playlists.Listen to songs ad-free and follow a range of podcasts that interest you.

But here we are talking about a platform that has gained power in the music industry, and it might as well be. one of the favorites of users who like to connect with different rhythms and sounds.

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Regarding Spotify, a platform that can be used on mobile devices and allows its users to listen to music, podcasts and different programs selected according to the taste of each person.

1. Download the app can be used in computers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions and audio amplifiers

2. Create an account on the platform. You must have an email and password that will allow you to log in in the future.

3. Select the mode in which you want to use Spotify:

Free version lets you listen to music in shuffle mode and a certain number of songs with some ads.

Premium version allows you to listen to music without internet connection, without ads. and selecting the songs you want.

4. Start exploring content in the search bar at the top of the platform.

5. Create playlists that let you keep your music organized or your favorite podcasts.


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