From January 2, 2020 to January 1, 2021 There were 2,691 new cases of prostate cancer, 47,588 common cases and 3,453 deaths.making this type of disease the first to affect more men in Colombia.

The main recommendation to avoid this is to perform prostate antigen test and every two rectal five years, approx. Likewise, a healthy and balanced diet is recommended as it plays a fundamental role in the disease.

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Therefore, a Spanish study published in BJU International examined how effective a diet can be in preventing prostate cancer. A healthy diet has no tangible effect on disease prevention.. However, she explained that a poor diet increases the risk of prostate cancer.

To arrive at these results, the researchers collected data on the diets of 15,296 men in Spain between 1992 and 1996. Then, a follow-up lasting approximately 17 years was carried out. According to the digital newspaper El Español, 609 cases of prostate cancer have been identified.

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The diets of those analyzed were classified as follows:

western diet: This included high consumption of fat-rich dairy products, processed meat, refined grains, desserts, caloric beverages, pre-cooked foods and sauces. In contrast, intake of skim milk and whole grains was low.

prudent diet: found here a high percentage of skim milk, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and juices.

Mediterranean diet: Excessive consumption of fish, vegetables, legumes, boiled potatoes, fruits, olives and vegetable oils is prominent, but consumption of fruit juices is low.

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The conclusions drawn from the observation were about the prudent diet and the western diet. It had no effect on the risk of developing cancer in the prudent, and the westerner had an increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

Adela Castelló-Pastor of the Carlos III Institute of Health and Ciberesp (Spain), explained: A diet full of ultra-processed foods, i.e. unhealthy preparations, should be avoided to minimize the risk of prostate disease.

Therefore, he recommended replacing ‘junk food’ with foods from the Mediterranean diet so that the aggressive tumor is least likely to occur and does not trigger another chronic disease.

Jimena Delgado
Journalism School El Tiempo

Source: Exame

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