Information processed in social networks is presented in more and more formats. Although social networks and messaging applications act over text messages, music is also gaining great importance on a daily basis.

That’s why tools that help transcribe or transcribe are becoming more popular with users.

Now, if anyone considers this What’s up In business or academic settings it has become an enormous amount of information, sounds are no longer just a source of entertainment.

That is why there are few data and key points covered in this format, so the application already sees how to overcome such needs and offer a direct alternative to social network users.

Now the app lets you see the content of the notes in the text audio on WhatsApp in case the user does not want to listen to them.

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“Transcriptions are produced locally on the device by downloading the respective language packs and are never shared with others. What’s up anyone view, so you’re the only one who can still hears”, according to WABetaInfo cited a few weeks ago.

This is an alternative for users to choose the format in which they want the content of their speech to be at hand and gives an option to those who do not like long sound.

To achieve this, simply follow these steps:

– Open WhatsAoo and enter the configuration section.
– Then select ‘Chats’
– You have to enable ‘Voicemail transcripts’ there

Source: Exame

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