instant messaging app WhatsApp has become the most popular worldwide and over the years and its positioning, users have discovered tricks that make it easy to use.

The application allows Perform a voice dictation to write a message using the mobile device’s keyboard.

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Voice dictation on WhatsApp It is not the same as sending audio in the messaging app.. To unlock this function, the keyboard settings of the mobile device -Android or iPhone- need to be activated.

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one. open app What’s up.

youenter chat the person you want to send the message to.

3. Find the microphone icon the one on the keyboard.

4. The phrase “oncespeak now”, you should start saying what you want the keyboard to type for you.

Some people speak slowly so that the keyboard can hear what is being said clearly and accurately.

on devices Android keyboard microphone function is located at the top rightHowever, on iPhone phones this button is located at the bottom next to the space button.


Source: Exame

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