When it comes to maintaining a pleasant environment in our home, air conditioning plays a key role.

However, they are not all the same or suitable for all rooms. learn to recognize The best option for your spaces.

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when it comes to keeping your cool and cozy home It is very important to choose the right ventilation system on hot days.

Avoid doing this yourself to know which device to install and Don’t forget to consult a qualified technician. getting specific advice and making sure they fit right into your home’s locations.

Each type of air conditioner on the market has unique features and benefits. According to the ‘Hot and Cold’ portal the different types recommended for homes are:

This type of portable air conditioners do not need to be installed with an outdoor unit. Only must be placed manually hot air vent pipe in a window.

They are ideal for rental apartments to deal with occasional heat waves or as a complement to a traditional air installation.

an air conditioner divided It consists of an outside compressor and inside evaporator equipment.

dir-dir one of the most widely used air conditioning systems in homes and requires installation on the facade or balcony for the evacuation of hot air.

There divided wall-mounted or wall-mounted and in-ceiling models known as type air conditioners tape.

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Air conditioning multi-compartment is a system divided having one outdoor unit and several indoor units, It provides ventilation of several rooms or a large area with a single outdoor unit.

These systems process the air and regulate the humidity and temperature of each room individually.

It is a centralized system and mounted on suspended ceiling. The distribution of cold air (or hot in the case of a reversible heat pump) is via concealed channels through which the air flow is directed, terminating in strategically placed and adjustable grilles.

A ‘fan coil’ or fan coil is a water and air conditioning unit consisting of a heat exchanger, a fan and a filter. ‘Fancoil’ for cooling or heating water requires an outdoor unit with a chiller and water exchanger.


When choosing an air conditioning system, it is important to consider several factors in addition to type, according to the ‘Xataka’ technology portal:

– Refrigerators: These show the cooling capacity of the system per square meter and help with correct sizing of the air conditioning system.

– Energy efficiency: Check the energy label to evaluate efficiency and reduce electricity consumption.

– “Inverter” technology: “Inverter” technology improves operation and reduces energy consumption. This technology ensures that the cooling capacity is kept constant, unlike conventional systems operating at 100% of their power.

– Refrigerant type: Choose a more efficient and environmentally friendly system with R32 refrigerant.

– Noisy: Consider the noise level of both the indoor and outdoor compressor when choosing a model, especially if it is very sensitive or your area has noise restrictions.

– Filter types: There are different types of filters that have specific functions such as cleaning and purifying the air.


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