Fourth season succession premiered its last chapter. The finale of this part already causes mixed feelings among critics and viewers. Like any production that becomes a cultural phenomenon, closure tends to provoke almost any reaction. This also raises various questions. One of them is: Will there be a fifth season?

First episode succession It was released five years ago. Its release began the creation of one of the most important storytelling stories in television today and arguably in the modern entertainment industry. Therefore, the premiere of the last chapter of the fourth season was awaited with impatience and expectation: what will happen?

This question has been a constant throughout the series’ four seasons. HBO has managed to put together a story in which family tensions and various inner impulses, motivated by values ​​and anti-values, drive the entire production. Based on this, a wide network of followers was built. This, as has already happened with franchises such as Game of Throneswaited every Sunday (or Monday in Europe) to get news about succession.

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Whatsuccession will there be a fifth season?

While there may be some aspects of the story that could trigger a new part, succession there will be no fifth season. Prior to the release of these last episodes, it was announced that production would not go beyond this fourth installment.


There’s a sort of norm in the TV series universe that stories should be four to five seasons long. These are not absolute rules, but a kind of recommended scheme. In statements given New Yorker at the beginning of 2023, Jesse Armstrongcreator successionsaid the following:

“We could have said it[that the series is over]as soon as I decided, almost when we were writing it. (Also) we could announce it at the end of the season. But definitely (in this fourth season) the end. I never thought thatsuccession) can go on forever. The ending was always on my mind and I said to the actors:I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s him.‘,

Jesse Armstrong to New Yorker.

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According to Armstrong, he came up with this ending while they were working on the second season. succession dedicated to the Roy family, the owner of a media and entertainment empire, united under one name: Waystar Royko. It becomes the object of desire for new generations when they notice that Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the patriarch, the main figure of the family, begins to notice the passage of time. So who will replace him at the head of this business empire? The answer is found in the last chapter of the fourth season and the entire series.

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