In 1908, the first dramatic film in cinema was released. ANDAssassination of the Duke of Guisedirected by Georges Hato dazzled the audience at the first show. At that time, cinema was a novelty, capturing small experimental exercises on the screens. For example, moving shots of trains or a scandalous scene where a couple kisses on the lips.

But Hato’s film, which tells the story of an important French Catholic leader assassinated in 1588, explores grief. He did this with a long close-up showing the characters facing death as a violent presence. The plot centers on a plot to assassinate the Duke and details his death. In less than a minute, he recounted the suffering of the victim and his surviving wife.

It was a significant step in the nascent film industry, resulting in the creation of a genre that continues to this day. Drama, with its ability to immerse in emotions, remains an integral part of the film world. Mainly because of his sensitivity to move from pain to hope, with arguments that can instruct, surprise and touch. What gives the seventh art a new look at human nature.

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We leave you with five drama movies that you can watch right now on Disney+. From animation that continues the adventures of a classic studio character to a monster with a big heart. This compilation is a journey through the most unique, strong and passionate feelings. A way to understand the power of great stories to captivate audiences of all ages.

Origin of the Little Mermaidunknown prequel

The animated drama film from director Peggy Holmes could be considered a prequel to the 1989 classic. Mermaid. Not only does it provide a rich context for the story Arielbut also allows you to understand your father, Triton. The argument explores the traumatic past that marked the future of the mythical Atlantic. The tragic death of the queen Athena turned the kingdom of mermaids and mermen into a territory of eternal mourning. Because of which, the monarch of the region avoided any contact with the surface world.

The screenplay, written by Robert Rees and Evan Spiliotopoulos, follows the tone of the original film by resizing the personalities of Ariel and her sisters. Although it also mentions that they all grew up in the shadow of pain due to the loss of their mother. Despite its simplicity, the plot questions the need to forgive and accept the transformation of redemption. The point this dramatic film makes is through the metaphor of the return of music to the kingdom and how a simple decision can change the future.

It is curious that part of the plot is briefly but directly mentioned in live action from Mermaid Rob Marshall. The story says that the king Triton (Javier Bardem) avoided any contact with the surface after the death of his wife. A solution that ingeniously immerses the film in the Ariel universe.

miracle at midnight

Karl Coster (Sam Waterston) and his wife Doris (Mia Farrow) is a Christian couple in Copenhagen in 1943. Both are trying to survive in the harsh conditions of an increasingly rarefied political atmosphere. The Nazis are a force to be feared in Europe and they are rapidly advancing on Denmark. At the same time, the segregation of the Jewish community is a shameful event that the Danes try to avoid as much as possible. But nothing is easy in the streets besieged by brutal and increasingly offensive military surveillance.

Nevertheless, Charles he is willing to risk the deportation of the city’s Jews to concentration camps. First, the doctor uses his reputation and influence in society to stop the extradition of some of his patients. However, when the arrest warrant for anyone wearing the infamous yellow star becomes final, he will make an important decision. One that will lead him and his family to become the protagonists of a dramatic, gripping and, in the end, very painful story.

Based on the true events of the Nazi raid on Copenhagen on September 29, 1943, this dramatic film is a tribute to goodness. This is more than an idealization of great figures who risked their lives to prevent the deportation of Jewish citizens, this is a look at everyday heroism. Men and women who faced a totalitarian system with the only weapon of will to do good and act with integrity. A point that the story emphasizes without falling into sentimentality and with a special eye for the honesty of its characters.

Edward Scissorhandsthe film is as dramatic as it is idiosyncratic

This dramatic story by Tim Burton begins like a fairy tale. An elderly woman tells her little grandson a story that explores her past and how love came into her life. A unique story about a lonely and sensitive monster. The film is a whimsical exploration of emotion, striking in its sensitivity and ability to embellish even a slightly twisted narrative.

Eduardo (Johnny Depp) – a creature that sadly wanders around an abandoned castle on the outskirts of a suburban American town. Created by a reclusive inventor (Vincent Price) who died before completion, it is a ghost among dusty rooms. With scissors for hands, he is also an inexplicable being unable to understand his hybrid nature. Is this a vile brat or a human?

However, when binding (Dianne Wiest) finds out and takes him home, Eduardo’s life will change forever. Moreover, knowing the possibility of a transcendent feeling thanks to the teenage daughter of his benefactor. Kim (Winona Ryder) will become not only the object of all the aspirations of the young man, but also his way of knowing the world.

This strange version Frankenstein Mary Shelley, which has become a classic drama film over the decades. At the same time, in a touching epic about the depth of feelings and their imperishable trace in the spirit of those who experience them.

Road to glory

Trainer Don Haskins (Josh Lucas) has only one goal. Make the Texas Western University basketball team a sporting example. But he knows he has a difficult task ahead of him. Between discrimination and racism, his group of black players have to overcome all sorts of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. much more when Haskins discover that the path to success also requires working with a system corrupted by prejudice.

Gradually, the dedication of the college’s talent pool will make it clear that sports are the perfect arena for great feats. Screenplay by Chris Cleveland, Bettina Gilois and Gregory Allen Howard explores the importance of equality and fairness. At the same time, sport can be an instrument of social change based on camaraderie and respect.

With a clear uplifting message of willpower over adversity, this dramatic film has a climax on the pitch. But in addition to the attributes of a sports drama, the plot is a triumph of perseverance and good will as a means of understanding talent.

hidden figuresextraordinary drama film about three historical women

Catherine (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy (Octavia Spencer) and Mary (Janelle Monae) is united by a peculiar common history. All of them have an extraordinary talent for science, in which they could not fully immerse themselves. In fact, this ability has made them outcasts in their own community and within their families.

Despite high positions in Langley Research Center West Wing Segregated Computing Branchracial prejudice against them is so strong that their undoubted abilities are ignored.

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Gradually, the intelligence of the trio will become so obvious that it will allow them to take a privileged place in NASA. Especially in the race to conquer space. This dramatic film shows the fight against racial and gender discrimination from the world of science. A point of view that also emphasizes the ability of the human spirit to overcome any limitations and boundaries.

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