Researchers at the University of Glasgow’s experimental series of parrot training experiments presented videos of vazis. In the first days of the population, the youngest people, this is a collective, socio-social, day of the week contact with congeners, which is absent when kept in cages. In addition, parrots are the most intelligent and fastest learning birds.

The experiment involved 15 points that were not previously quoted with each other. They were taught how to ring a bell so they could access a video calling app on a tablet. The duration of the observation session was observed in themselves – on average, they were carried out up to five minutes.

It turned out that the parrots very quickly realize that the improvement is not an abstract image and not their reflection e, but other points. Therefore, they immediately began to meet with a friend through gestures and sounds. Parrots learned to recognize other ptts, they also became new things, for example, an adult learned a parrot from IDEOSVIAZI showed a young one how to crack hard nuts. Many participants in the experiment had a desire to continue, so as not to deprive the pets of new entertainment.

Source: Tech Cult

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