They say that in 2022 one of the options that Warner Bros. Discovery I studied about Flash was to cancel the film. As if the money invested, the work of dozens of people and the consequences inside DC Extended Universe. What was the argument? Ezra Millerthe protagonist of the feature film, who was already in trouble, was immersed in various personal conflicts.

It was the most radical version of those that were developed. There were two more. First, move forward with everything related to Flash and that Ezra Miller did some publicity for the project. The other was to present a feature film and that the actor’s exposure was almost zero. Each alternative will be accompanied by psychological support from an interpreter.

Saw what was seen throughout the promotion phase he had Flash In recent weeks, an alternative has been chosen in which the director of production spent the most time in front of the media, Andy Muschietti. And Ezra Miller? He returned to the public eye during the event’s red carpet, but kept his distance from the media.

Ezra Miller Mend on the red carpet Flash

In a black and white suit, Ezra Miller was seen during one of the promotions. FlashJune 12, 2023. According to the portal TMZhis performance at the event was gentle, with no fuss, probably because Warner Bros. Discovery chose a strategy in which the actor was not surrounded by journalists and communicators.

It should be remembered that from the personal problems that the actor went through, there were no major public statements on his part. In this context, media coverage due to Flash it could become a communicative storm if he had to deal with sensitive topics for him. This one, however, went to a reporter to talk about his experience with the film.

Channel Movie report interviewed Ezra Miller during the event. His first words focused on gratitude for the opportunity to present the film. On this occasion, he made a kind of synopsis, explaining part of what he proposes: “You have Barry (Allen) who has been through a lot of pain and you have another who has never been through it and has other perks. They have different development paths. i think it’s interesting“.

Ezra Miller also had words for the director Flash, Andy Muschietti. About himself, he said: “I think he is the perfect director for this film because he is a very detailed visual artist. Look like Zack Snyderwho brought me into this world. Andy is a comic book visionary, he has his own approach.”

Flash It will be released in theaters on June 15, 2023.

Source: Hiper Textual

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