Indiana Jones and the Dial of Doom This is – for now – the end of his protagonist’s movie adventure. The iconic character created by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas revolutionized the adventure genre. But it also gave him a new purpose by including real archeological artifacts in the Indiana Jones storyline. Something that was made not only in terms of the most fantastic theories, but also as a historical element of narrative interest.

Without losing touch with fiction and imaginary worlds, the Indiana Jones film series has managed to keep the general public interested in cultural relics. So much so that in 2015 the exhibition was held in National Geographic Museum which paid homage to the saga. During which several experts pushed for the franchise’s impact on the resurgence of interest in archaeology. Something that gives special meaning to the adventures of a cinematic icon.

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We leave you with the history of each of the archaeological sites included in the Indiana Jones films. From an amazing religious legend to a centuries-old mystery that still has no answer. The franchise has spanned continents, cultures and eras to reimagine various historical events through a fun and entertaining lens.

Ark of the Covenant

In film in search of the lost ark, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) tries to find a mystical archaeological site before it falls into the hands of the Nazis. It’s about Ark of the Covenant, one of the most sacred and mysterious in biblical history. According to Scripture, it was built by Moses on the direct orders of God and was used to store Tables of the Law containing the ten commandments. According to religious texts, it is always a manifestation of the Jewish God. According to the patriarch, the divine finger itself engraved on the stone the great dogmas of the faith of religion.

In order to keep such a treasure safe, the Prophet received specific instructions on how the box should be built to hold them. What was the reason for the development of a sacred object. Its description in the scriptures explains that it is a wooden chest overlaid with pure gold, with two golden cherubs on the lid. It was believed that God lives in the space between the sculptures. In addition, the group possessed tremendous spiritual power, which began to manifest itself in the physical plane.

Indiana Jones Archaeological Site Trail

In the biblical story, the Israelites carried the ark on their journey through the desert to Jerusalem. Once there, he directed the Temple of Solomon. However, the fate of the chest and its mysterious contents became unknown after the destruction of part of the city by the Babylonians in the 6th century BC.

However, curiosity about the ark remained untouched. He has been included in various myths from different cultures and has been credited with extraordinary abilities. Like the radiation of an unknown energy that can kill anyone who is not worthy to contemplate it. Eventually, theories about his existence became part of much larger myths, so he came to be seen as an allegory for the presence of God in sacred places.

There is currently no conclusive evidence for its existence, so it continues to inspire speculation and searching. Something that George Lucas took advantage of when turning the most famous Indiana Jones archeological site into the center of his first adventure. Movie in search of the lost ark intelligently explore the mysteries of one of the most famous relics in history.

Kali cult

Although the stones of Sankara, which are part of the plot Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom They are not real, goddess worship Kali Yes it. The deity is one of the most important in the Hindu pantheon and is considered the epitome of destruction and renewal. She is depicted as a woman with a garland of human heads, a long tongue, four arms, and a skirt of severed limbs.

The figure was included in several central episodes of Steven Spielberg’s film. Where, in addition, a bloody plot twist was shown in which the priest tore the victim’s heart right out of the chest. But is this image true? Yes and no.

Kali cult it has been practiced by many sects and religious groups throughout Indian history. What is the reason why the worship of the deity varies depending on the time and the region of the country in which it develops. In some cases, this was associated with extreme customs such as animal and human sacrifice. Which, no doubt, was the inspiration for the plot of the film.

In general, belief in the goddess has caused controversy in the history of the country, especially during the colonial era. The British colonizers considered the cult of Kali to be a primitive and barbaric practice and therefore sought to suppress it. However, it was more of an ethnic confrontation than anything else.

holy grail

The Holy Grail Scene, the most famous of the Indiana Jones artifacts.

In 1989 Indiana Jones Returned to the big screen with his father Henry (Sean Connery). Both characters traveled across Europe and Asia in search of another great Indiana Jones archaeological site. mythical holy grail, which in the film had amazing qualities, as giving eternal life. But, although the argument showed alleged scientific evidence about the relic, its existence is still in doubt.

He holy grail has no clear origin other than the biblical description last supper Jesus Christ. Nowhere in Scripture is there any mention of its existence or of a similar relic associated with Jesus. However, according to the later myths surrounding him, it is the cup held by the historical figure, which was later used to collect his blood during the crucifixion.

It is later assumed that it was passed down between the families of his closest apostles as evidence of the physical reality of Jesus Christ. But it was folk and oral tradition that made the myth cross Europe and even Asia and the East. Especially in the Middle Ages, when belief in the possibility of its existence was a dogma of faith.

The location of one of the most important archaeological artifacts of Indiana Jones, an important part of history, has been debated for centuries. From the tradition that King Arthur and his wife Guinevere were buried with the relic, to its location at the Château de Montsegur in France. The trail of legends and versions stretches across disparate territories, as do the attributes he is claimed to possess. What is widely collected in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

crystal skull

The Crystal Skull is one of the archaeological sites of Indiana Jones.

in feature film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullThe archaeologist had a mission to track down one of Indiana Jones’ most unique archaeological sites. This is a skull carved in crystal that includes a mystery that includes a dimensional door. Which, of course, made the character travel the world to prevent the new enemy on duty – the Russians – from capturing him.

Oddly enough, the plot twist is based on a real museum exhibit. In 1924, during an expedition to Belize, a British explorer discovered crystal skull by Mitchell-Hedges and christened her after her. According to the researcher, the object belonged to the pre-Columbian civilization. More recent evidence has confirmed it to be over 3,000 years old, placing it on par with other historical sites of Egyptian or Roman origin.

However, there are no research papers or scientific evidence to demonstrate its longevity. However, it is part of an extensive – and fake – collection of thirteen skulls found in public or private art catalogs. At present, since the Carbon 14 method cannot be applied to materials of inorganic origin, its true age is still a mystery.

The Dial of Doom, the last artifact of Indiana Jones.

The latest adventure of an archaeologist will lead him to search for a mysterious Greek mechanism called fate dial. According to the plot of the film, the last of the archaeological objects of Indiana Jones is the invention of Archimedes and has the ability to influence time. The riddle will bring Professor Jones out of retirement in an attempt – yes, again – to stop the Nazis from misusing the relic.

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The clock face doesn’t really exist, but everything related to it does exist. Set in 1969, the film examines the Third Reich’s obsession with the occult from some historical distance. Especially, it seems, everything that surrounds Thule Societyorganization founded Rudolf von Sebottendorf which contributed to the study of magical disciplines. The institution toured Europe in search of relics of various origins. In particular, those that connected Nazi Germany with the primitive Germanic peoples.

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