In the first and second chapters of the series covert invasionfrom Disney+ Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) is shown as a ghostly figure. The radical Skrull leader has enough conviction to stand up to the world’s governments and devise a strategy that will allow him to seize power.

Whether it’s meeting other members of your village as a charismatic speaker or trying to explain Gia (Emilia Clarke) her detailed plans for deception. The character is a version Marvel Cinematic Universe terrorist supremacist. Which makes him even more dangerous in a hidden battle that will make every character in the production question their loyalty and purpose.

But Gravik it is also a curious exception to the study’s arguments. Marvel, which usually uses its vast catalog of superheroes and villains in each of its adaptations, has made a surprising decision in this case.

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For covert invasion, which opens up the possibility that every event narrated so far has a double interpretation, has created an unprecedented villain. One who, moreover, embodies all the traditional virtues and vices of the race Skrull. Which turns the sinister figure into a far more symbolic element than mere retribution. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

Gravik (Kingsley Ben Adir), the villain of the Secret Invasion
Gravik (Kingsley Ben Adir), villain covert invasionavailable on Disney+.

Secret, silent and deadly invasion

The plot of the Disney + series is a free version of the Michael Bendis comic of the same name. But unlike the original material, the television version covert invasion He does not yet show much interest in the analysis of possible impersonations in leadership positions. Race Skrull he is able to take the form of any creature and imitate its behavior. And a cartoon published in 2008 shows how Earth’s great heroes are eventually replaced by aliens. Which causes paranoid attention to every character, figure and event.

But GravikAlso, it poses a dilemma that gets more interesting and intense in the second episode. covert invasion. The character arrived on Earth after Nick Fury provided shelter to the survivors of the confrontation with Cree. In fact, the plot expands the context of what the film is about. Captain Marvelspecifying that Skrull They were under the protection of a spy. However, in exchange for providing them with asylum, he made them an unsettling offer: to use his ability to infiltrate various places under his command.

Gravik, by that time still a child, accepted the offer along with the others. But only in exchange for the fact that his people will have a place to live. However, since the Thanos Crisis, the Skrull race has been left unprotected and marginalized in an increasingly unpredictable situation. What made the character gradually become the embodiment of rebellion and hatred for the people, who again became an emigrant.

Gravik is a danger

Anyway, Gravik symbolizes the forced duplicity of people Skrull. In the comic, the race is forced to become more and more aggressive. After being destroyed by the war against the Kree, she must fight for her survival in various scenarios and environments. So a villain who switches sides in the midst of a hostile historical period not only fits the concept of the series. It also confirms the intention of the authors covert invasion delve into Skrulls as something more than evil or cruel beings.

Until now, Gravik it turned out to be a genocide with a strategy of confronting every layer of power on earth. The question asked by the character is, covert invasion it will only be limited to showing that the fear has turned into a silent war, or if he does something else. Will the plot, through its unknown villain, be able to tell how Skrull Are they able to resist those who hate? We can only wait.

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