In the current context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor: Love and Thunder It may seem like a strange sight. While the story opens up to explore new characters or new plots like the multiverse, the fourth God of Thunder movie comes along and brings up other issues from the previous phases. The detail is that it may not just be.

On the Thor: Love and Thunder there are two promotions, the first teaser and a trailer for the movie. Between them are several repeated images, as well as a wide series of winks and references to various aspects. Marvel Cinematic Universe this may be key not only in the film, but in the entire fourth phase of the narrative.

Thanks to work signed by Savannah Sanders, TheDirect explore the potential impact Thor: Love and Thunder maybe in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; to the extent that one can consider it as a film that could connect the three previous stages and pave the way for other aspects that are being developed in this stage.

Thor: Love and Thunder and possible impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The film’s achievements have allowed several references and relationships with other films to be entrusted. We see them.

Links to Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther

Saw what I saw and considering the end Avengers: EndgameStart Thor: Love and Thunder This will be related to his adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Asgard rules Valkyrie while the God of Thunder deals with various matters throughout the universe. Although it is not known how long this section may last, The Direct presents it as a possible prequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, Part 3which will be released next year.

In another section of the trailer Thor: Love and Thunderyou can see the figure associated with goddess Bastetwho’s inside Black Panther She is responsible for bestowing special abilities on those chosen to wear the mantle of the beast. So it is possible that a certain nod was made to the continuation of this story, one of those that have suffered the most failures during this time.

mythology moon knight and reunion with Kingo of eternal

Although moon knight doesn’t seem to have too many connections to other Marvel Cinematic Universe productions, the meeting of the gods taking place on Mount Olympus, and the fact that Thor: Love and Thunder it could be a bridge between the two productions. This may be a reason to continue to study the connections between these deities and their representatives or influence on earth.

In accordance with this, the character Kingo appears, who during eternal he referred to the God of Thunder as a friend who was not answering calls now during production. Perhaps the relationship between them will be explored and through this, a little bit will be told about the connections between the Eternals, gods and people.

Loki and the Watcher, could they show up?

With the multiverse featured in the works and Thor’s tattoo associated with Loki, it’s not out of the question that a brother of the God of Thunder could appear. It could have arisen through one of its many variants. If not, then according to Savannah Sanders’ criteria, another possibility is that the character has a post-credits scene: Part 2 of his series is scheduled for next year on June 6th.

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During one of the scenes in which Jane Foster appears in the cloak of the Goddess of Thunder, statues of various deities and universal figures appear through Mjolnir. One of them is vigilant. Could this be a hint that he will be introduced later in his physical form? This character has already been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the animated series. What happens if…?

Possible relationship with Venom Thor: Love and Thunder

Cap God the Butcher has a close relationship with the symbiotes because he will use All-Black, a sword that comes from a living being, like everyone else necrosword. Both the weapon and Venom come from the same place. Therefore, there is a suspicion that there may be a wink. How will this be achieved? It’s not clear.

So while it may not seem like it at first glance, Thor: Love and Thunder This brings up a number of relationships with several already developed projects that are still in development in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s why this part in Phase 4 can carry even more weight than Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, as it will be a bridge to several future stories. Meanwhile, the roadmap for Chris Hemsworth like the god of thunder.

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