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Disney+ and HBO Max Premieres: That’s All Coming in June on Both Platforms


It’s not yet June, and the platforms have already rushed to update their catalog for the start of one of the first hot months of the year. Just a few days ago, we told you about the premieres coming to Amazon Prime Video. Now it’s time to talk about what’s coming to HBO Max and Disney+ in the next few days..

Since there is a lot of content, we do not want to spoil our mood, so we will divide all these premieres into two parts. The first is dedicated to HBO Max, and the second is Disney+. It’s yes to open your mouth that we tell you that One of HBO’s most successful series is coming, and in the case of Disney+, we have some juicy news..

Actually, there’s a lot to be said for when the Ms. Marvel series releases and that all Marvel series will hit the platform in the month of June.. Of course, there is content for those outside the universe as well, and the prime example is the new Atlanta series starring Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino.


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News and premieres on HBO Max in June

Released June 1, a new documentary follows the rehearsals and lives of the actors who gave life to the Tony Award-winning musical Spring Awakening.. They called this documentary “Spring Awakening: The Ones You’ve Known”, referring to the original performers.

Two days later, on June 3rd, Rimes and Irina will come to me. This series immerses you in the life of Irina Rimes as she tours her mobile studio where she wrote her Home album. Irma Vep is the next series to hit HBO Max on June 7, with a crime thriller title that blurs the line between reality and fiction..

The Janes is another title that will hit the platform on June 9th and its genre is documentary.. This is a film about the history of a secret network of safe abortions for women, discovered by the police. There are no other premieres until June 24, and the second season of Tuca & Bertie is coming to the platform.

With the big premiere of HBO Max on June 27, Westworld returns to the platform with the fourth season that all fans of the acclaimed series have been wishing for.. On June 28, the full series of Schitt’s Creek, a family comedy that focuses on the relationship between society and different characters, will be released.

The latest premieres in terms of series will take place on June 30 with El p*to Michael Che and Housen.. The first title is a series that uses both sketches and vignettes to illustrate various moments in the series, while the second title is a fantasy in which the building feeds on the emotions of its inhabitants.

News and Premieres on Disney+ in June

Disney+ is getting off to a strong start and is doing so with Ms. Marvel, which hits the platform on June 8th.. This new series arrives to open up the Marvel series universe even more, although it doesn’t come alone as all series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Punisher, Luke Cage will be released on June 29th and “Defenders”.

Marvel related aside, On June 1st, a lot of content will be coming to Disney+. The first season of The Collapse appears with the premiere of Colegio Abbott, a series that puts us in the perspective of teachers full of vocation who face the educational system of the United States.

On June 3rd, Stargirl lands in Hollywood, a series that puts us in the role of Stargirl Caraway. This little young star has to travel from Arizona to Hollywood to make it big.. The fourth season of PJ Masks will be released on June 8 along with the eighth season of Black-ish.

Season 3 of Atlanta launches on Disney+ on June 29th and will be one of the platform’s most important premieres for those who aren’t fans of Marvel sci-fi.. Also, a few days before; June 22 will be the last episode of “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, a new series already released about the famous Jedi.

As far as movies are concerned, what comes on Disney+ has a lot of cache, for example, Mars, which will be released on June 17, or Belle on June 10.. We hope you enjoy one of these series that we have commented on, or you enjoy one of these films that will be released on the platform soon.

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