Natalie Portmanone of the most recognized actresses in the international arena, was also delighted with the kiss Luis Rubiales To Jennifer Beauty. The translator condemned the behavior of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation after the World Cup final. The Spanish national team won and added their first star. But the holiday was overshadowed by the actions of Rubiales. Among other things, the main leader of Spanish football he kissed her without consent a female Pachuca player.

The networks immediately exploded, accusing the manager of abuse of power and calling for his resignation. Some political parties also joined the movement. But Rubiales appeared before the Federation to make sure The kiss was wonderful and that he has no intention of leaving his post. After that, all the players of the national team began a campaign under the slogan “It’s over” to show support for their partner. own Jenny Beauty He issued a statement confirming that he never agreed to a kiss and felt that he was the victim of an attack by his superior.

Joined the action in support of the football player Natalie Portman. The actress shares stories instagram news about New York Times that all the players again refused to wear the national team jersey, and Rubiales continued to be president of the RFEF. Along with the image, Portman also pointed to a personal show of support for Hermoso: “I support Jenny Hermoso #SeAcabó” (“I’m with you, Jenny Hermoso”). The message spread all over the world. In addition, the footballer herself shared this in her profile.

Despite her main job as an actress, Portman is actually quite famous in the football industry. The translator is founder and owner of Angel City FC, a team playing in the US Women’s National Soccer League. Portman is used to posting encouraging messages before or after his games. His position on the case Jenny Beauty And rubyTherefore, it is very relevant in this sector.

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Natalie Portman, Jennie’s New Support

In the past week, Jenny Hermoso has seen so many individuals from all over the planet position themselves in her favour. Natalie Portman is one of the most recognizable names on the list, which also includes Lola Indigo, Alejandro Sanz, Pau Gasol or Andres Iniesta, among many others. Also some actresses like Macarena Garcia, Inma Cuesta, Tony Acosta or Andrea hardbecause the movementEverything is over“compared with #Me too it was shown in movies many years ago.

And, of course, in football. Jenny Beauty he also had much more support outside of Portman. All of his teammates in the Spanish national team and 60 other players together signed a statement demanding the dismissal of Rubiales. Many men’s and women’s football teams have made statements and messages at their matches. And internationally, the entire English team that finished second in the world in that final, or the famous American footballer. Alex Morgan Here are some of the examples that came out in Hermoso’s defense.

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