It was a long-awaited thing, we talked about the arrival of the first smartwatch from Google. And from today it’s a fact, because Pixel Watch is a fact. Drawing on the experience of the Wear OS 3.5 operating system and Fitbit (now a company owned by Mountain View), we show you how this first bet is.

With circular screen type AMOLED the dimensions of this panel, which is tactile and adds a different touch to the wearable 1.2 inch, so it’s not particularly large (with 320 dpi density and 1,000 nits of brightness), which ensures it never bothers you. To always be connected to the Internet and get the most out of Pixel Watch, it comes in two variants, one with WiFi only and the other with LTE support.

Google Pixel Watch screen


In it, one of the selected processor exynos 9190, a solver SoC, but that’s not exactly up-to-date (worse still, it moves the operating system with ease, or at least the firm itself shows it). When it comes to RAM, the chosen amount is 2 GB and storage 32 concerts (This last one is important, something worth noting, and it will be necessary to see what options it allows beyond installing apps).

A battery that puts this Pixel Watch on average

The integrated charge is 300mAh. A little more was expected to get away from what was seen in the competition (like the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch). enough for use it one day usual, which means out of tune. Of course, additional usage options are included that increase the specified time (and that’s where the Fitbit experience is particularly noticeable). Meanwhile, it offers fast and wireless charging to provide all the solutions that could be needed.

Accessory can be used as well iOS as Android, so its compatibility is complete. It also has a microphone and speaker, so you can directly access Google Assistant or answer calls without using the phone it’s paired with via Bluetooth.

Using the Google Pixel Watch smartwatch


Some Options The more you need to know is what we show you below:

  • 5 atmospheres water resistance
  • It includes sensors for EKG, heart rate, accelerometer, and gyroscope.
  • Two belt sizes: 130 and 175 millimeters for the small one and 165 and 200 mm for the large one.

Availability and price of this new smartwatch

From today you can reserve the manufactured device. stainless steel In different markets, the price is 350 dollars, and the WiFi-connected model goes up to 400 dollars if you want to buy the 4G one. Therefore, we are talking about a price logical Below the Apple Watch, above the new Samsung smartwatch.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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