On October 25, 1978, the film was released. Halloween John Carpenter, who changed the way we understand horror in cinema. He not only brought it into the home environment, but also gave the appearance of an already classic last girl or the girl who survived. Also, of course, to boost the fledgling film career of now-Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis.

But another achievement of the film was the official establishment of the tradition of releasing horror films on dates close to the birthday celebration. Halloween. An ancient American holiday of Irish origin with strong Celtic roots, it is one of the most popular in the country. Thus, bringing the best spooky stories to the big screen has become part of the popular rituals associated with the darkest day of the year. At the same time, this is a way to ensure its success among genre-loving audiences.

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Streaming platforms are no strangers to this phenomenon, which is why this year many of them have prepared selections dedicated to creepy movies in their catalogs. We leave you with recommendations to enjoy the Star+ selection. From a reimagining of a classic horror film to a chilling look at motherhood. This is a series of stories that examine fear and human nature from an unusual perspective. The point that brings them together.

Animal Sematary: Origins

The novel, which at the time Stephen King considered too violent to publish, has already had two film adaptations. But it is this prequel that finally explores the beginning of the proposal that transforms the city’s lands. Ludlow (Maine) is terrified at the door.

A loose version of some notes the writer wrote about his first ideas for the story, the film leans toward folk horror. However, his greatest interest is in his reflections on the fear of death and how this fear can become something monstrous. The story takes place fifty years before Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmaier’s 2019 film. It tells the story of how Jud (Jackson White) discovers the power of a Mi’kmaq cemetery. But he is also credited with his fair share of tragedies and dark events.

While it’s less effective and certainly lacks the dark undertones of the first 1980s version, it does deepen some aspects of the original story. What makes it an interesting option not only for lovers of fiction, but those who follow the work of Stephen King.

A place in silence

This 2018 horror thriller directed by John Krasinski bases its effectiveness on the use of silence. An idea that becomes the culmination of his best scenes and, especially, the subtext of the plot. As a result, this post-apocalyptic world departs from common scenarios and examines the horrors of the context.

The plot centers on the Abbott family, consisting of Evelyn (Emily Blunt) read (John Krasinski) and his children Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe). Not only are they terrified survivors hunting aliens based on sound, but they also carry tragedy within them. At the same time, they must try to remain completely silent so as not to be discovered and killed.

The innovative use of sound and the absence of dialogue for most of the film turns the ever-present threat into a thrilling experience. Tension is built through the characters’ gestures and actions, creating an atmosphere of constant tension. without falling into clichés. Which makes it a successful experiment in horror cinema.

in a storm

Damien Power uses claustrophobia and a sense of urgency to create a simple yet effective film in its storytelling. With a seemingly basic premise – a kidnapped girl and a woman who tries to help her – the plot explores unusual places. And all this thanks to seemingly subtle decisions.

On the one hand, its main character is a drug addict experiencing the hardships of escaping from a rehabilitation center. On the other hand, he has to deal not with a monster or a supernatural force, but with paranoia and his deductive powers. What, when I have to find out who the culprit is holding the girl, the purpose of the crime and, ultimately, how to free the prisoner.

The result is a tense thriller that disorients in its ability to create an increasingly dark atmosphere. Especially when exploring the meaning of evil and violence from the point of view of the inevitable. Gradually, all her characters will go through the darkest places of human cruelty. to an unpleasant and inevitable end.

No time

Female fertility can be thorny territory, especially in a culture that denigrates or exalts motherhood depending on its interests. The film “Sin Tiempo” dives into this complex idea. This, given the woman’s desire to become a mother, is an unpleasant coincidence. When an unnamed character (Dianna Agron) decides to try the spawning experience. As a child, you will find that the path to your goal can be winding.

Especially when the matter falls into the hands of a doctor Elizabeth Simmons (Melora Hardin), who will try to turn her desire into an obsession. With an emphasis on physical terror, but especially the version of the body as the site of the worst atrocities, the film is surreal and brutal. Between these two things, a great paradox hangs over the decisions of its protagonist. sought to create life, although not for the purposes she thought she desired.


He Chef Slovik (Ralph Fiennes) is not only the master of his kitchen. It is also the lives of all those who are in it and those who eat its delicious dishes. Something that Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) finds out as the most frightening evening of all unfolds. About succulent food prepared to please the senses and please the ego, The film will present the concept of cooking in a dramatic and violent aspect.

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Directed by Mark Mylod, creator of several of the series’ best episodes ContinuityThis terrifying satire explores modern vanity. In addition, it turns the act of eating into a way of expressing power and dominance. The disturbing idea is analyzed through the context of evil as a search for satisfaction that cannot be satisfied. Little by little, what begins as an innocent evening of food and entertainment turns into in an allegory about violence, bullying and fear.

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