Scientists from the Saratov State Technical University have developed a UAV wireless charging system, which includes an input transmitting and receiving electromagnetic coils, figuratively speaking, connected to a power source in the form of a power line and transmitting it to the drone receiver coil itself.

As specified, when collecting one of the wires of the power line as a transmitter coil, a sufficiently developed area is created, the needs of which the drones that consume the receiving coil consume to load their batteries without the need for a direct connection to the mains.

At the same time, “aircraft” UAVs can be recharged by the span load of high-voltage power lines at a distance of 1-2 meters, and “helicopter” class drones will be charged by the battery charge, landing on the lines (wires) of the power transmission line.

In Saratov, they came up with a method for charging drones in a waterfall

The key feature of this system was the use in the cation of a separate, coarse, increased magnetic permeability material – this is an elastic ferromagnet, and the front side of the perception will be made of a special metamaterial (polymer with a thin wire), which acts as a kind of lens for focusing electromagnetic waves.

Nevertheless, this development of the Saratov socialists is theoretical today, and there is no information about the possible timing of the production of a working system. is given.

Source: Tech Cult

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