Tell me how it happened it’s over. That sentence that seemed never to be written has finally arrived. It took 22 years, 23 seasons and over 400 episodes. But the most iconic series in the history of Spanish television has come to an end. Because it was the perfect result. A chapter full of emotions. For its main characters for everything that happens. To the actors, writers and the rest of the team for closing a unique and inimitable scene. And to the audience for saying goodbye to that own portrait that accompanied us for so many nights.

Beginning of the final episode Tell me how it happened This is already powerful. RTVE I put it out a few hours earlier as a preview, but that doesn’t mean it had any less of an impact. Because he recalled, perhaps, the most important event of the entire 21st century, the one that determined the world in which we now live. Anthony, Merch And Herminia They watch in horror as Ana Blanco reports that on September 11, 2001, two planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York.

What’s worse is that it’s possible that Carlos And Karina were on one of the planes because they were going to fly back to Spain. After several minutes of chaos, the legendary melody Tell me how it happened and it turns out that both are safe and were able to get to the city. Because if anything marked the final episode, it was the return of the prodigal son. Return Ricardo Gomez After his passing in 2018, he was celebrated as needed. And for the sake of such an outcome, it is he who takes the reins of power into his own hands for the last time.

Goodbye Herminia

Carlitos After so many years of absence, he has many outstanding bills. First with my grandmother. It is with her that he shares the best scene of this episode, by far, of the season and one of the most emotional in the entire series. In the middle of a field, a grandmother and grandson are having a long, emotional conversation about the ups and downs of life. She is about to die, and from this point of view, he asks her if she is happy. Little one Alcantara He left for the USA without looking back, in order, as the song says, to know happiness.

He is still looking for it, but there is a piece that has escaped. Herminia She knows this, this is the one that she, her daughter, her son-in-law and all her other grandchildren are missing. Family Alcantara It is not one. And that’s where Tell me how it happened reveals his latest trick. Dear old lady asks Carlitos Let him put it all together himself. She, like all grandmothers in Spain and around the world, was the glue that kept them from falling apart for many years. But his time has come. And that is why he asks his grandson to continue his work, guide his brothers and bring joy back to his loved ones. This is how you will find happiness.

After this emotional episode, in which even the actress Herminia, Maria Galiana, assures that he has entered a trance, his eternal character is saying goodbye forever. Alone, under the oak tree that her father planted, and one day she was able to say goodbye to all her grandchildren, Herminia die. The beginning of the season warned us that this moment would come. It will be hard. And if someone managed to hold back tears in a conversation with Carlitos, this final shot of the performer breaks down all barriers. A beautiful and heartfelt farewell to Grandma Spain.

Tell me how it happened

Alcantara family

Before you know your fate Herminia, Carlos He has the opportunity to close another of his greatest wounds. The deepest relationship is with my father. This is done, of course, at the winery. The place that united and divided them in equal measure. After a few tense moments, both manage to turn the page and regain that affection that was not lost, but silenced. After this moment comes the real final stretch. Tell me how it happened.

Last mission Carlitos It means reuniting with your brothers, getting them to forgive each other and go back to being the family they were. It’s not easy, and the four of them get into a nasty argument where they throw everything at each other. Life has passed them by, and when their nerves are on edge due to the death of their grandmother, a bomb explodes. At least for now Merchfirefighting expert, lets out a scream that confuses them into silence, unable to respond.

There is a very subtle and significant detail in this episode. What hurts them the most? Tony, Agnes And Maria The thing is Carlos was absent for ten years, and now returns, posing as the savior of the family, although they were the ones present in all the recent events Alcantara. But leaving the funeral Herminia, the only one of the four who painfully and touchingly hugs his mother is him. The rest have built a strong shell inside themselves against their family, which Carlitos He is not there, perhaps precisely because he was not there. So grandma asked him to return them.

One, Karina She tells him that she is pregnant. new Alcantara is going to come into the world. And then Carlos understands everything. In desperation, he manages to bring them all together and make them understand that the situation cannot continue like this. The rift within the family is very large, but it can still be repaired. And they will do as their grandmother wanted, dancing at the festival. Celebrating life. Knowing, in the midst of sadness, happiness. Quarrels are not completely resolved, but this is the first step towards much-needed reconciliation. In the end, Carlos Yes, he turned out to be the heir. But not from Anthonybut from Herminia.

Tell me how it happened

The End Tell me how it happened

Once all there is to cry has been cried, the series moves into its final epilogue. A gentle and cheerful sequence in which Carlitos He reunites with his childhood friends, Louis And Josete. All three remember their childhood years and some adventures. Along the way, they pass a store window with a TV. This is the night of September 13, 2021. The night on which 1 from TVEBegan Tell me how it happened.

It was a finale that had been sung for years. But it was also the perfect ending to the series. The last stop on the path that has drawn the whole country through our eyes for half a century. Because the Alcantara It’s always been us. In its last episode Tell me how it happened He restored the message he had repeated to us so many times. The main thing is to stay united, preserve and cherish the love of the family. Only then will we become better.

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