The Finnish company Varjo has provided a full version of the XR4 headset, aimed primarily at industrial enterprises and the military.

Vario’s Fortune 100 clients rely on technology that combines the reality of eut and pilot structures to improve productivity in automotive construction, measurement, and 3D visualization in architecture and design.

Varjo XR-4

The XR4 works with Nvidia’s partner graphics processing standards to create realistic photos in two 4K mini-lights, all displays are divided into 51 pixels in the sub-pa class 120 x 105 degrees, with 200 nits brightness, 90 Hz refresh range and recognition system eye movements. Cheap, 200. The headset specifies 98% sRGB color gamut and 96% DCI-P3.

Using extremely realistic, practical, urgent cards that differ in what a person sees in action, 20-megapixel front-facing cameras were used with a low back panel. The base XR-4 costs $3,990, while the Focal Edition costs $9,900. Oratorical words in the army, and not in long attire, can be used by everyone.

Source: Tech Cult

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