TO Breaking Bad, is considered the best TV series of all time. But also one that confirmed that Soprano And The wire announced many years ago. The small screen and serial format are ideal for telling stories that require much more screen time than a feature film can offer. Especially when stories like the one Vince Gilligan created require exploration of complex settings and characters. Something only series can do – and their ability to develop narratives with dozens of layers and dimensions.

But even cable channels—the area where big-episode production has found its sweet spot—proved insufficient to satisfy their ambitions. Thus, streaming, with its small restrictions on duration, subject matter and openness to experimentation, gave a second impetus to the development of this phenomenon. Currently, several of the best series are included in the catalogs of the most popular platforms. Moreover, one of his strengths and what makes up his collections is ideal for lovers of great contemporary storytelling.

If you are a TV series lover, this is for you. We leave you with five recommendations from the most recent ones published on Star+, which sum up a good year of production. From the story of a single man from Buenos Aires in the new millennium to a horrifying plot centered on racism. The selection covers various topics and how the episodic format gave them the best setting, delving into their essence. The greatest achievement of the most interesting formats of the new millennium.

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This Argentine production explores the anxieties and pains of loneliness in the modern world in a tongue-in-cheek way. Especially when he turns his main character into a mixture of one good man and another who exists by deception. And all this thanks to dark humor, which allows us to carefully analyze the differences between social classes, as well as prejudices.

Elysium (Guillermo Francella) is the concierge of a luxury building with two faces. On the one hand, he is an efficient employee who takes care of every detail of the lives of the various tenants. From collecting clothes to carrying groceries to the kitchen. The reliable Eliseo is an invisible part of coexistence in an exclusive condominium. But, on the other hand, this gives him almost complete power, which no one can suspect: this is manipulating neighbors at their discretion.

Part social drama and part twisted satire, The Manager explores how prejudice can sometimes be an unscrupulous person’s best weapon. And also be a reflection of the small daily struggles that anyone can face. Inconvenient morality? The big question that the series leaves behind.


Manuel (Luis Brandoni) – famous gastronomic critic. So skilled and sophisticated that he can distinguish between five types of wine, the precise preparation of truffles on his plate, and at least three color palettes of his shirt. But he has no idea where the food is at home or what key he should use to open the basement. Hence Selsa (Maria Rosa Fugazot) is not only his housekeeper, but also his contact with the real world. Something that will make Manuel lost and at the mercy of his clumsiness when she dies.

This premise doesn’t sound too complicated, and in fact it isn’t. But given the subtlety of this urban story about a man searching for his place in Buenos Aires, the plot examines life. In particular, the melancholy of modern loneliness and the inevitable feeling of restlessness caused by uprooting. But besides philosophical considerations, this is a comedy of exquisite humor.

the one in which Manuel spend time in fragmented conversations with a friend Vincent (Robert De Niro) and ultimately realizes the simple truth. Life, with its little horrors and great discoveries, is hope for the future. Even for the grumpy old man who rediscovers the taste of Milanese from childhood into the most chaotic period of old age.

I am your fan. The party goes on

In 2010, the Mexican TV series I am your fan It became a phenomenon among young audiences. Charlie (Ana Claudia Talancon) became the heroine of an entire generation. Her love story is with Nicholas (Martin Altomaro). always in the midst of doubt and uncertainty, he captivated an audience tired of traditional novels.

Instead, she became obsessed with this version of a modern woman who is trying and failing to overcome her past relationships. This, while True love is knocking on her door and she doesn’t know what decision to make in the future.

The series, which ended in 2012, showed the characters’ maturity as well as their growth as a couple. Therefore, its sequel, released this year, is not only welcome, but even necessary to close the cycle of its story. Now Charlie And Niko, they are looking for a child. All while life around him shows changes and transformations, thirteen years later, fans enjoyed his story one last time.

Murder at the End of the World

When eight strangers receive a mysterious invitation from a millionaire obsessed with a vision of a perfect world, everything seems like a massive, absurd game. From the choice of location – an isolated and almost inaccessible resort – to the complex personalities of those chosen. What starts out as an adventure seems to be fraught with something more dangerous, especially when one of the guests… dies under strange circumstances.

Of course, this is a full-blown game of cat and mouse created by the mastermind. In particular for Darby (Emma Corrin, from Crown), amateur detective and computer expert. Nearly forced into a murder that also involves her complicated past, she must solve it using the tools at her disposal. But nothing will be simple as What surrounds her becomes a suffocating tale of guilt, fear and redemption.

Another black girl

The story is based on the book by Zakiyah Delilah Harris and tells how… Nella (Sinclair Daniel) struggles to be the only black employee in his company. This, with underlying biases and the need to fit into the environment. with strict aesthetic and behavioral canons.

So, the arrival Hazel (Ashley Murray) not only excites him, but also makes him curious. A new employee challenges the business image to which she has had to become accustomed. Moreover, the discrimination he had to fight for years and which now seems to have disappeared in favor of the newcomer.

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But things will become even more sinister when Nella discovers that there is something hiding behind all the kindness towards the new employee. The secret is that between comedy and social criticism, the production turns into a very tough discussion about the fear of dissent and racism.

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