We are entering the final stage of the premiere fall outone of the most anticipated series of 2024. The new Amazon Prime Video release will be released next Thursday, April 11, a day earlier than originally planned, and will star Ella Purnell as Lucy, a Los Angeles-based resident of Asylum 33, set to appear for the first time.

And trailers and first promotional images fall out They raised a lot of expectations among the fans. The fact is that, although the series will be an adaptation of the acclaimed Bethesda gaming saga, the first season will be based on an original story created jointly by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (Westworld). And there are already signs that it will have a second season..

This has not yet been confirmed by Amazon, but was discovered by the California Film Commission (CFC). The organization announced this Monday that it will award more than $150 million in incentives to a dozen series. Between them fall out.

According to the KFC, second season fall out will be recorded in California, thanks to the provision of $25 million in tax incentives. Let us remind you that although the series takes place in Los Angeles, eight episodes of the first season were filmed primarily in New York. However, some scenes were filmed in Utah.

We’ll have to wait for Amazon to make an official announcement on the matter, but the California Film Commission is considering a second season for the series. fall out:

“Season two is supposed to be fall out will contribute approximately $153 million in qualified expenses and employ approximately 170 cast and crew, making it one of the relocation projects with the largest total qualified expenses in the history of the Film and Television Tax Credit Program. This groundbreaking series, set against the backdrop of post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, is returning home for a second season thanks to this tax break. With inclusion fall outThe Film and Television Tax Credit Program has attracted a total of 33 series to relocate from other states and countries since the program’s inception in 2009.”

California Film Commission (CFC).

I’m waiting for confirmation of the second season fall out

No matter what the California Film Commission says, The latest word from Amazon is still out to see if fall out there will be a second season. Given the scale of the bet that the company has made, it is logical to assume that the series based on Bethesda games will go beyond the initial 8 chapters.

But the reality is also that Amazon MGM Studios will likely wait until the film’s release. fall out to confirm whether there will be a second season. The reaction of the public and critics will undoubtedly play a decisive role in how long an announcement on this matter may take.

The first three episodes of the series fall out The film was directed by Jonathan Nolan, one of its co-writers. It is unclear whether Amazon Prime Video plans to release all 8 episodes simultaneously on April 11, or whether it will only release the first one and then implement a weekly release pattern.

From what has been seen so far, the adaptation will be quite faithful to the tone and elements that laid the foundation for video games fall out. Being an original story, it is expected to introduce some interesting elements into the canon. For example, Origin Vault BoyThe iconic Vault-Tec logo has become the franchise’s mascot.

An interesting fact confirmed by Todd Howard, creative director at Bethesda Game Studios, is that the series fall out He had to scrap several ideas that were included in the original story. Because? Because, coincidentally, the studio had already implemented something similar during development Fallout 5a game that could be released in 2027.

Source: Hiper Textual

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