Beetlejuice 2actually called Bitelhus Bitelhusit’s a long awaited return Michael Keaton one of the most iconic characters. He also returns to the ring Tim Burton, who is once again in charge of directing the sequel almost 40 years after the original’s release. And with them I couldn’t miss drunkon Ryder like the eternal Lydia Dietz. In addition, the project includes one of the most fashionable young actresses in all of Hollywood. Jenna Ortega. translator who will give life to his daughter Rideralready worked with Burton in the Netflix series Wednesday.

In the new part, in addition to several posters, a new official trailer was shown, intended to warm up the engines before the premiere, scheduled for September 6. Funeral, zombies and demons, legendary worms, mythical haunted house… Movie trailer Beetlejuice 2 This is pure nostalgia. This will be the last part of the summer season, ideal for fully immersing yourself in the unique universe that Burton rescued after years of unsuccessful attempts.

Story Beetlejuice 2 will tell how, after an unexpected family tragedy, three generations of a family Dietz They return home to the small town of Winter River. Life Lydiawhich still torments Bitelhusturns around when Astrid, his rebellious teenage daughter, discovers a mysterious model of a city in the attic, and a portal to the Beyond accidentally opens. With so many problems in both worlds, it’s only a matter of time before someone says his name three times. Bitelkh and the mischievous demon returns to his old ways to unleash his special kind of chaos.

Watch the trailer Beetlejuice 2

Although the three main characters Beetlejuice 2 They will Keaton, Rider And OrtegaThe film will have a wonderful ensemble cast. Monica Bellucci, Willem Dafoe, Danny DeVito, Justin Theroux And Arthur Conti These are just some of the best signings that Burton received for my film. In particular, Bellucci will play a living dead woman who is eagerly searching for Bitelchus, who turns out to be her husband. Dafoe is a zombie detective tasked with finding the main character. The role of the others is still unknown.

“The living and the dead, can they coexist?” he asks. Lydia at one point in the trailer. And it seems that in Beetlejuice 2 Tim Burton He has a lot more to explore about the whole afterlife universe and how it relates to real life. The premise is as exciting as it is terrifying, in which BitelhusAgain, this will be a big problem and perhaps a solution to keep the world from falling into chaos.

Beetlejuice 2 opens in theaters September 6.

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