In their statements, Taika Waititi He usually displays his sense of humor. It’s not for nothing that he managed to film two films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a saga that shows that you can’t neglect all the possibilities of superhero adventures to make us laugh. It is enough to watch two parts of the director about the god of Asgard, with a premiere Thor: Love and Thunder Too close to notice. A film that, on the other hand, brings back Natalie Portman.

I thought a lot of fans miss Jane Foster. and people want to see it again,” the New Zealander explained to the magazine. rolling stone. “It seemed like a great opportunity because the character was great in Jason Aaron Thor’s version. [Y] Kevin [Feige] I already said, “I’d like to try and figure out a way to bring the Mighty Thor into this movie and get Natalie back.” Well said and done: after Thor: The Dark World (2013), here it is again.

“It didn’t take me long to convince her,” she admitted. “She’s never heard of this comic book issue, so I left her some comics… Every time they ask, ‘How did we choose such and such?’ We offered them millions of dollars and they accepted!” But that’s not the only thing he wanted to offer the Israeli actress, as Taika Waititi does too. wants Natalie Portman to star in a feature film she’s preparing for franchise star Wars.

Taika Waititi’s proposal to Natalie Portman: from Thor: Love and Thunder to Star Wars


“Natalie said to me: “What are you doing now?” And I said “I’m trying to work on some star Wars“. Have you ever wanted to be in a movie star Wars?» [Y] she said, “I’ve been in films star Wars“. I forgot about them.” This conversation is a strange way to invite them to work on another film again, sly and downright funny. But we must not think that this does not quite correspond to the personality of the director.

So Taika Waititi couldn’t get Natalie Portman to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thor: Love and Thunderbut also the fact that it reappeared in the saga of Jedi against the dark side of the Force. But I wouldn’t be like Padmé Amidalathe role he took on between Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999) and Revenge of the Sith (2005) because the New Zealand director wants to leave the Skywalkers behind. Let’s see if the proposal comes to something.

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